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tonybowles Contributing Editor
8mo New York City, NY, United States Story
Enjoy A Quality Cocktail In A Can For National Picnic Day

It seems like there is a national holiday for everything these days and while we aren’t usually into them, we will take ANY excuse to drink Slow & Low Rock and Rye. With that said — National Picnic Day is right around the corner so head to the park and don’t forget your cans of Slow & Low Rock and Rye. Slow & Low Rock and Rye in a 100ml can is the perfect way to crack open an 84 proof, high quality cocktail on-the-go. Cooper Spirits took a proper 80 proof bar cocktail using a historic recipe and is not only introducing it in a different vessel, the can, but is doing so in a portable, convenient and novel size. Forget your flask – next time you’re heading out, throw a can (or two) in your pocket or your purse. These cans are exactly what you’ve been looking for because they are travel sized and they’re perfect for parties, festivals, camping and any other activity you can imagine. No need to haul around bottled mixers anymore, just grab some cans and go.

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1 comment

  • Danica
    8mo ago

    What's the difference between Slow & Low and a wine cooler?

    What's the difference between Slow & Low and a wine cooler?

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