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Philips Life is better when you are you
26d Story
Embracing change on the path to leadership

Positive change and a management role were on the checklist when Marie was preparing to make her next career move. 

She found what she was looking for and more when she landed at Philips three and a half years ago and was tasked with leading a team of product managers in small domestic appliances. 

“It was really nice to discover a totally new work culture and an environment which is much more direct,” says Marie sincerely.

In her life before Philips, Marie worked in consumer electronics, so when she stepped into her new role, the change she wanted became a reality.

A different product category provided many opportunities to learn and discover new markets, insights and consumer needs. Even more so, she found a new way of working. 

“What surprised me at Philips was how open the discussions were about business but also in terms of career development,” explains Marie.

“There’s always an openness to discuss what’s next for your career and there are many opportunities.”

As a leader at Philips, Marie recognises that her success requires a certain mindset. 

“I feel a great sense of responsibility and also impact and influence within the business,” she says. “You have the power, locally, to influence your business but also to have an effect on other areas of Philips.” 

Marie considers developing her team to be a major responsibility. “Setting direction is really important for the team and so is working together with them to achieve the same objectives,” she explains. 

“I try to encourage each of them to find solutions by themselves because I think that’s key to developing yourself and growing in your role. I offer support while encouraging a lot of autonomy.”

Just as innovation is essential for a business to progress, enabling her team to have the time and space to innovate is vital to their professional growth.

“It’s important that they experiment and have the confidence and authority to take initiative,” says Marie. “I make sure we have enough time to try out new things, so I set up a monthly innovation meeting where we all have one project we work on, and we meet up to discuss.” 

With a system in place, the team has the freedom to think creatively, develop, assess and test new ideas. It’s this innovation culture that enables Philips to develop the ground-breaking solutions that make a difference in people’s lives.

“Regardless of whether the project works or not, it’s okay, you just try and innovate,” says Marie pragmatically.

Managing a team provided Marie with surprises and opportunities to learn how to become a successful leader. “You really need to adapt yourself to each person in your team, and find the best way to work,” she explains. “Another surprise to me was that when you become a manager, you’re producing less yourself but supporting more.” 

Since joining Philips, Marie has had many professional breakthroughs. 

“I do feel challenged in my role, but for me, the challenge is positive because you can always try to make your work better,” she explains. “I do feel pressure from the business, but I also feel a lot of support.” 

The discovery of a new way of working has helped Marie see the possibilities which have set her on the path towards her best career. As far as she’s concerned, there’s never been a better time to look forward.

Read more about our amazing women leaders at Philips and beyond. 

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Life is better when you are you

Philips is a world leading health technology company with a vision to make life better for people worldwide through meaningful innovation. Making good on this promise depends on our inclusive, passionate, inspirational, collaborative and diverse team.

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