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Dump Trump: Someone Has Listed The POTUS For Sale

As a business owner, you know you’re in for the unexpected, the good, the bad and the ugly. Just as soon as your suppliers back out, or partnerships fall through, you get a feature in your favorite magazine and one of your heroes becomes a mentor. Such is startup life. But then there are those things that you could never prepare yourself for. Like when someone lists Donald Trump for sale on your website.

I run Never Liked It Anyway, an eBay for breakups where you sell all the stuff you’re left with at the end of a relationship. We get all sorts of weird and wonderful items for sale, from wedding dresses, to diamond necklaces and even Harley Davidsons. To date, the weirdest thing sold was a bottle of ketchup, but now this has been trumped! Pun very much intended. One ballsy member of our community, with the ingenious username – yesimserious – has listed the President for sale. Of course, they can’t actually do this, but the listing is comical, quirky and clever way to send a powerful message.

The president is listed as “in full working condition – apparently” and sold for the bargain price of $1. When asked about their ‘bounce back plan’ (in other words, what they plan to spend the money they make on), this seller wants to put the proceeds of her Trump sale to buy all Americans a bowl of guacamole to celebrate their ‘freshly recovered sanity’ – all thanks our friends south of the border for making it possible.

In many ways, it feels like America is going through a breakup right now. We’re seemingly breaking up with a lot of values that matter, values that made this country what it is today. And just like any breakup – it hurts. There’s disbelief, anger, sorrow and then the decision to pick yourself back up and keep on fighting. Times may be dark, but just like a breakup, you come out stronger, wiser and much more committed to your own values and sense of self.

Our team debated whether or not to take the listing down, but at the end of the day there was no question that freedom of speech should win out. And in actuality, we were inspired by this act of rebellion. It’s a known phenomenon that creativity flourishes in times of struggle – and it’s truly inspirational to see. In Poland, in 1982, thousands protested the fiction-filled ‘news’, driven by a communist agenda, by taking their TV sets for a nightly walk in a wheelbarrow or trolley. Turning off the TV was not sufficient – they needed to show that they were disgusted by the warped news. In Kenya 2009, fearing post-election violence, women banded together and enacted a sex strike to ensure their men didn’t get sucked into a violent rabbit hole. These actions spoke louder than words ever could.

The Women’s march in January kicked off the start of some very loud and very creative dissent, and it isn’t going away any time soon. It’s cropping up in the artwork graffitied in your neighborhood, in the music on the radio, and of course the communities we all operate in. There’s more than one way to protest, and these turbulent times are awakening the artistic, warrior and creative spirit in all of us. Let’s keep that alive – for at least another four years.

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