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3mo Washington, DC, United States Story
Dropping Womahood Knowledge

#WomanhoodFacts Ladies, Women, Girls, Females, whatever when a Man, Boy, Male whatever is practically screaming "I don't want you" without actually (hopefully) not having to yell it in your face they're showing you they aren't into you. SO don't keep pushing it and trying to persuade them. I've seen too many try so hard to make themselves into something they think will be appealing, bend over backwards all in vain. It usually just falls apart or goes horribly wrong because you're trying to force something that isn't fitting plus you'll end up always jumping through hoops being something you aren't all to impress. When someone don't want you they don't want you. There's nothing you can do, say or anything else to make them want you especially in the long term sense. If they've done moved on, you need to move on too, don't keep trying to make yourself something to them you just aren't. The more you try the more they're gonna resent you for it and hate anything you're trying to push. Have some self respect Ladies, Women, Girls, Females whatever and keep it stepping don't throw yourself at a Man, Boy, Male, ever. If they give you the cold shoulder then keep it moving. If you aren't their kind you aren't their kind and that's the way it is, you can't change it. Nothing you do can about it. Better to walkaway with self respect than grovel on your knees in the dirt for what? For someone that has 0 respect for you in doing so. #Facts #SelfRespect #Dignity #Knowledge #SelfWorth #SelfConfidence#Woman #Wahine #Winyan #Agehya #WomanOfCharacter#WomanOfIntegrity #NeverSettle


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Multi Tasker

Aloha💖 Born of the wild, Spiritual, Believer, Millennial meets a twinge of Generation Z, Classical Dance, Mixed Fusion Dance, Athlete, Singing (1st Soprano), Music, Abolition, Art, Modeling, Survivor leader, Brand Ambassador, Collaborator, Blogger, Journalist, Ultra Petite yet tenaciously tough, [...]

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