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Jeff Shuford
Jeff Shuford 6-Time published author & Iraq War Veteran.
over 2 years Story
Dr. Albert Chester's Calling: The Capstone Institute

I’m sure you’ve heard that the healthcare industry is the most promising of all industries in the current United States economy. Fastest growing, seemingly stable, and offering a broad range of possibilities, it’s honestly difficult not to talk about it, or support the people pursuing it in some way or another. However, have you heard of the man that’s doing his part in the Jacksonville, Florida community help educate and inspire more people to consider a career in healthcare? His name is Dr. Albert Chester, and he’s the genius mind behind The Capstone Institute. The Capstone Institute is a pharmacy tech school that, according to Dr. Chester, doesn’t only strive to train students to become employed as pharmacy technicians, but aims to develop future leaders that will affect positive change in the community. As he’s stated in the past: “The capstone is like the pinnacle of success, that’s we’re trying to do here…we want every student that walks through those doors to reach their capstone.”

Dr. Chester cites a fast that was held by his church as the inspiration for this entire idea. He says that on the 16th day of the fast, God spoke to him. For him, it was Divine intervention that lead to the creation of this institute, and it’s those same values that the institute will uphold. “Educate. Do something you’re passionate about that will fulfill you. Change lives in the community”, was the message that Dr. Chester received that day, and it has been his driving force ever since. The good news is that Dr. Chester believes that he is doing exactly what he was called to do, to inspire people and change lives for the better.

On the wall of The Capstone Institute, you’ll find the words “Faith”, “Believe”, and “Dream”. These three principals describe exactly who the Capstone Institute is trying to reach. Those in the community that have faith in the opportunity to see growth and improvement, they’re the perfect type of individuals to support such a cause by donating, volunteering, or even spreading awareness. The people that believe they could be doing more in their career than what they’re currently able, and just simply don’t feel fulfilled by their current healthcare positions. The Capstone Institute aims to provide them the opportunity to do more and become a better version of themselves. Last but not least, they’re targeting the dreamers in the community, especially the young people. The dreamers that have always entertained the thought of pursuing a career in healthcare, but didn’t know how to go about it, or didn’t have the resources to go along with it.

Speaking of growth, Dr. Chester has proudly announced that he plans to expand this program outside of the area in which it currently resides. “In 2018”, he says, “we are looking to expand further into Jacksonville, Florida, as well as branch off to other cities in the state and southeast region.”. For many Americans, it’s a refreshing thought that they may soon have an Institution nearby that cares about each student that enrolls and sees them all as more than a statistic. It’s a comforting thought, for the Jacksonville area and surrounding communities, that there is a place willing to sit people down, talk to them about their 10-year plan, and help them discover their strengths and weaknesses while developing them as future leaders in their communities and households. That’s why it’s so very crucial that the community becomes interested and involved in this institution. No other institution is going to dedicate this much individualized time and attention to each and every student. As the founder himself, Dr. Albert Chester, has said: “The opportunity to change the community must come from within the community.”, and “If you can see it, and you believe in it, you can make it happen.” That’s the type of encouragement that we can all safely agree that more American communities are in dire need of.

If you feel the need to support, or even get more information about, The Capstone Institute, as well as the difference they are making in the lives of their students and sponsors, you’re invited to visit or visit The Capstone Institute locally at 3416 Moncrief Road, Suite 101, Jacksonville, Florida 32209. If neither of these contact options are suitable for you, then you may also communicate with the institute through email at or by phone at (904)-993-1800. We encourage you to support this organization, and we also encourage you to inspire change in your community; however you deem possible.

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Jeff Shuford
6-Time published author & Iraq War Veteran.

Jeff Shuford is a 6-Time published author, technologist, columnist and Iraq War Veteran. Named one of the Top 5 Emerging Tech Founders of 2016 by The Huffington Post Jeff's life revolves around innovation.

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