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1y Story
Donna Brazile: "For Colored Girls" &My Bad A**Crew #5Strong

 Two months ago, Donna Brazile (Acting DNC Chair) spoke about the sisterhood and bonds of women in politics, their friendship, camaraderie, and her political crew, "Colored Girls" a group that includes top aides,former Chief of Staffs, and Directors and other political women of color.

  I started thinking about all the women of color around me, the women around world fighting for freedom, like the nuns in the Himalayas combatting sex trafficking, the strong women at the frontlines of the NoDAPL, the Mothers' in Mexico fighting to end the violence, Black and Latinx women starting body positivity movements in the U.S. and decided it was time to assemble my own Bad A** Crew of Colored Girls.This list: Compiled of historical and fictional Bad A** Women  who would make the perfect crew and could fight the forces of evil and then some.  So here are my #5Strong

1. Cleopatra Jones (The Knocker)

Ms. Jones is someone you don't miss with. She's an undercover agent fighting the man (she arrested some high powered crooked people), removing drugs from the community, helping her community, and isn't afraid to knock you out. 

On top of all that, she is an empowered Black Goddess, don't you forget it! 

2. Jessica Huang aka Mama Huang aka The Planner

Jessica Huang is the Planner, the one who keeps everything in order, confident, sassy,  and she also could kick some serious A** if she wanted to.  In real life, Constance Wu has literally called Hollywood out on their lack of diversity (She has my vote for whatever she's planning in the future)

Sidenote: Mama Huang reminds me of my mom, which makes it even better.

3.Awashonks, The Negotiator

She was the chief of the Sakonnet tribe: Not only was Awashonks a skilled warrior, intelligent, and a diplomat, but she was a leader who helped negotiate amnesty for her tribe and other Native American people.

She waits for no man: She and her tribe supported, Chief Metacom when, after suffering years of humiliation at the hands of the whites, he broke the treaty in 1675 and attacked the English settlers but she quickly made another peace treaty with the settlers for the protection of her people.

4. Sada Kaur ( The Warrior)

The Amazing Queen and Founder of the Sikh Empire she was daring, intellectual, played a huge role in unifying clans, advised her son in law who later became  Chief of Sukerchakiya clan. Many label her as the "mother in law" but she's a woman who laid the foundation for the Punjabi Empire.

I think her and Cleopatra Jones would have been BFF's, they're all about helping their communities and seeking justice.

5. Gina Torres( All Arounder)

Whether she's playing a fictional Lawyer on Suits or kicking butt on FireFly, Gina Torres is the epitome of amazing, strong, confident, and could seriously kiss some A** just by looking at you. We need someone who knows the law, can fly anything, and is ready to fight at any moment-figuratively and literally

I personally think she could be the leader of the #5Strong Women. 

These are our TOP 5, I have others that I would have loved to add i.e Grace Lee Boggs, but the list would go on forever, let us know what your list would look like.

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  • Natasha Lee-Maxwell
    Natasha Lee-Maxwell Founder/CEO of Make Your Dreams Come True Corporation
    1y ago

    Followed, don't forget to follow back :)

    Followed, don't forget to follow back :)

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