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Zia Do I have to have one ?
11mo India Story
Don't revolve your life around me.

Don't revolve your life around me.

Under The Highway: chapter: 00

It was a rainy morning on a Sunday, he had promised to come early today, and it’s kind of obvious that she was very happy about it. She was tired because she could not sleep last night because of the storm and the rain. It was 7 in the morning and she was still in bed, listening to the rain and making plans for the day. This is what she did, whenever he promised to visit she made plans and many of them. She was bit annoyed by the fact that time was going very slowly. She'd been waiting to see him since last week; and now when the day is here, time has decided to play games with her. 

This was the same story every week. Yes, you got it right. He comes to visit her every weekend and every week she felt and showed like he is coming after years and she has been waiting for ages just to see him. Every weekend that crazy sensation of happiness, that feeling of being loved and special, that hope for something new and better the excitement for that day's knock on her door, that time full of smiles and laughter and those cold hours of waiting.

The more she was spending time with him the more her feelings were getting strong and visible. And she had no idea of what's been happening to her. She was in love and it was no more a secret. She kept it as simple as she could but as soon as he was around everything change and everything was different especially her.

All lost in his thoughts she got up at 8, took a shower and get dressed. When She came out She saw that the sun was shining bright and it was not raining anymore. She made a face and said, "its Bangalore and you never know what the sky is holing for it minute after minute." She went into her kitchen, made herself a cup of tea and came outside to sit next to the window. She had a nice view of many buildings, a busy road, many, a bakery, a watch/repair shop, a gym and the wide open sky. She set herself in the chair and start looking for his motorbike. He was supposed to come at 10. She was so excited about him coming that after few minutes she lost the track of time. 

It's been a while but she did not see any sign for him. Soon something else drew her attention and it was her ringing phone. She walked towards it slowly and when she saw it was from him suddenly she became full of life. She answered the phone, He said he had to go to a senior runner's birthday party so it will take him one hour to come there and she should eat and not wait for him. She was confused, still had no idea what had just happened and the time on her phone left her in complete shock. It was 1:30 and she had spent four and a half hour sitting next to the window looking for someone who was not even on his way.

She recalled the conversation with him from last when he said he is very tired and won't go to the party but now he is in the party. She thought it's okay maybe it was important. She was not feeling hungry anymore. So she took her book, set herself on the sofa and started waiting for 2;30. After an hour it was 2:30 of course but he did not come. She thought maybe it's because of the traffic. Then at 3: 00 and then at 3:30 she told herself the same thing. But when it was four she had tears in her eyes and she had a strong feeling of throwing up. She was feeling even more tired now so she put the book away which she wasn't reading anyways and went to bed.

around 4:40 there was a knock on her door. By now she was feeling sick and had lost all her excitement. She got up and opened the door. It was him. he came in and asked her if she ate. He already knew the answer but he just wanted to confirm it from her. And when she said no, he became very angry and started scolding her. It was not new, he cared for her so much that whenever she skipped her meal it made him furious. He sat on the table and her on the sofa. NO one was talking when she suddenly said you told me that you won't go to the party and would come here so I cancelled my plan with my friends. He looked at her and said in an angry voice, I just went to a party and got stuck there. This is my life and I do things and be at a place which I like. I have not stopped you from doing anything that you want so please stop revolving your life around me. And after saying this he asked her to have her lunch but she said no. It hurt so much that she started crying. He said If you are going to act like a child then I will leave. This made her cry even more. He stood there for a few minutes looked at her crying and left. She kept on crying until she fell asleep.

When she woke up it was already 8. She washed her face, changed and went to bed. Today she said to herself, " Listen, my love, I hope one day he takes your heart and will hold it tight as if it's his own. I hope one day you wake up next to him and have him as a reason to live for. I hope one day you can go to bed smiling without a worry in the world. I hope one day he will make you realize how beautiful you truly are. I hope one day the battle of time and waiting is over and you've won him and you are with him. Now go to sleep and rest"

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Do I have to have one ?

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