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Asoral (LJ Thomas)
Asoral (LJ Thomas) CEO, Founder, OnMogul Influencer, & Host of Purely Positive
2y Atlanta, GA, United States Story
 Does this look like a Sirloin to you?

So, on Saturday night, my husband and I decided to take my visiting family members for a late meal. We picked the wrong establishment and paid for it with very poor service and food. Here is the complaint I submitted to Denny's today.


Dear Sir or Madam,

On Saturday, September 2, 2017 around 11:30 pm my husband and my cousins who were visiting from out of town entered the Denny’s on Jimmy Carter Blvd., in Norcross, Ga (store # 7071). We were greeted and being led to a booth by the waitress when her co-workers asked if she could handle the four of us. She responded that she could. We were seated and placed our orders for drinks; three waters with lemon and one apple juice. The drinks arrived and the waitress explained that she was training someone, but everything would be okay. She even commented that he (the trainee) better really start learning because they were about to turn him lose and he would be on his own.


As I was drinking my drink, I realized that it was not what I ordered. Instead, it was iced tea. The waitress was notified and the change was made. The trainee brought the apple juice over to us.

We placed our order for the food with the waitress. We ordered 2 T-bone steak & Shrimp dinners with double broccoli, one Sirloin steak with mashed potatoes /cheese and veggies (celery cucumbers and tomatoes) and 1 Philly cheesesteak without mushrooms and fries. My cousins ordered their steaks well done. The waitress brought the T-bones and the Philly cheesesteak. The Sirloin was not ready yet. As my cousins began their meal, my husband realized that he was never asked how he wanted his Sirloin cooked. So he went over and let the waitress know that he likes his steaks medium rare.  As we waited for his order to be brought to him, the rest of us began eating.


Both T-bone steak dinners had cold broccoli and there were brown spots on the vegetables. The steaks themselves were tough. They could barely cut them with the steak knife, once they were finally brought to us. Chewing it was a problem. When the sirloin was ready and brought over, we were shocked. It looked horrible. So we brought this to the waitress’s attention. She looked at us like we were a problem. You know what the picture looks like on your website and the attached pic does not look anything like that. So, my husband asked if there was a new cook in the kitchen. We were told that one of the cooks was indeed new. The food was not edible and it was not eaten. The waitress asked if we wanted to speak with the manager and we said yes.

The waitress came back with a lady who was frowning as she approached the table. The manager looked at us with an expression of disgust. She asked what the problem was. My husband gave her our complaints about the food. Then my husband asked her to look at the Sirloin and if she saw anything wrong. She said she did not see anything wrong and that all of their sirloins look like that. She actually looked at the food like we were stupid for complaining about it. She asked if we wanted her to take the steaks away and we said yes. So she she took the T-Bones and the Sirloin away. This meant that my husband did not have anything to eat and my cousins had very little to eat. I finished my meal because I needed to take my medicine. I was not happy with my meal, but I ate it. The experience was already bad enough and I did not want to add anything else to it. The manager unnerved me when she came over with attitude and the way she looked at us came off as racist. She should not be working in a location where the majority of the customers will be minorities if she has this kind of prejudice. The manager was the one who could have made everything right, but her negative and poor attitude and demeanor did the opposite. She should have looked to resolve the issue to the mutual satisfaction of all parties involved. She failed the company in this regard and alienated the customer. As the manager, she should have addressed the problems individually (3 issues) and shown a willingness to work toward a resolution. This was not done.

She was rude and unprofessional in her communication with us and her body language and facial expressions showed disgust. Everyone at the table was offended.

A few minutes later a police officer came over to us and asked what the problem was. We said we did not have an issue. Then he explained that the manager said they had redone the ticket three times, which was a lie and there was a problem. We explained the issues with the food. My husband even asked the officer if he would eat the Sirloin. He just looked at it and shook his head. (We showed the pic of the sirloin to friends on social media and no one believes it's a sirloin which is proof that it was not right-one of these persons is a chef that worked at a steakhouse). The officer explained that sometimes people act funny about their food and cause a scene. He realized that we were not going to do that and he left. 

The trainee brought the check over. We looked at it and did not like the price, but we told the trainee that we would pay it. We noticed that there was a small discount, which did not cover the bad service or the bad food. The small discount we received only amounted to the cost of one T-bone, around $20 (we ordered 2 T-bones and one Sirloin- at least $50). True the sirloin was taken completely off the bill, since it was not touched. Ironically, we never saw the waitress again.

When we were paying the cashier and my husband was explaining what happened to the officer, he said we came a long way for all that trouble. I have never had the police called on me for letting someone know that I am not satisfied with the service and product received. None of us raised our voice, stood up, gestured wildly or refused to pay. We were as calm as when we placed our order with the waitress.

The bottom line is that we agreed to pay for good service and expected good food and got neither- the service was bad and the food was not prepared as ordered. This is a breach of contract. We agreed to specific service and products but did not receive either. In return for those services and products, we agreed to pay a specific price. Not only did we pay our bill, but we also left a tip of over 15%. The waitress apparently lied to the manager about us and the manager lied on us to the police officer. We chose this restaurant because we wanted to take our cousins out for dinner since they had arrived in town a couple hours earlier. It was obviously a mistake to visit this establishment. None of us will ever go to Denny’s again. Ironically, the two previous visits to this location were without incident and we were impressed with the service and the food. I have never been so humiliated in my life. 


LJ Thomas


It really bothers me that the service in customer service is not only missing, but when it is pointed out, you are treated as if you are in the wrong. In this case, we were lied on and had the police called on us. It could have been resolved easily, but the manager clearly dropped the ball. While the waitress does share some of the blame, the manager is ultimately the one responsible at the location.

True, we should have chosen somewhere else to eat, but it was a spur of the moment thing. Needless to say, I won't make that mistake again. The next time I want something to eat late, I'll go back to my regular spot, Marietta Diner. I've never been disappointed with service there, even thught it is always busy and their is usually a wait. The food is good and the service is excellent.

I've learned my lesson. You get what you pay for and in this case, it was nothing. It was a waste of our time, gas and money. Thank you Denny's for nothing.

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Asoral (LJ Thomas)
CEO, Founder, OnMogul Influencer, & Host of Purely Positive

LJ Thomas wears many hats, but her passions are literary consultant, editing and hosting her show, Purely Positive. She has several books in publication and has been writing over 35 years. She provides author services which are all listed on her website She has edited books for [...]

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