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Tianna Leigh
Tianna Leigh Spreader of positivity
1y Phoenix, AZ, United States Story
Do you feel better or worse after spending time with someone? #Thisislove

What does love look like?


There are some people you simply can’t wait to spend time with. You are excited, eager and are counting down the days. These are the best types of people! You are likely embraced with a warm hug. You can have endless hours of meaningful conversation. You smile and laugh a lot in each other’s presence. You feel uplifted and oh so happy spending time with this person. In fact with as good as you feel after you spend time together; you simply can’t wait to see them again!

On the other hand; there are some people you can’t wait to get away from. You feel anxious and stressed as the time gets closer to be in their presence. You’re anxiously looking at the clock waiting until you can make your getaway. There are many reasons that you may not vibe with someone in person, but don’t ignore those feelings. There’s a reason your inner guide is feeling unpleasant. My recommendation would be to stop spending time with this person or people altogether! I understand that sometimes that is simply not feasible for one reason or another, so in those cases; I’d at least limit my interactions as much as possible.

You see; the way you feel around someone is a direct reflection of what you will obtain from the relationship. In my opinion; I’d much rather have people who empower and uplift me whenever I spend time with them. It’s intoxicating and makes for a better life. If I always spent my free time with emotional vampires; I’d be drained. It is a form of self-respect to decide who you will and will not tolerate in your life. Our time is limited; don’t get wrapped up in other people’s agendas. This is YOUR life. Respect yourself enough to surround yourself with amazing people. You deserve it!

Love and Light,

Tianna Leigh

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Report this post
Tianna Leigh
Spreader of positivity

I love connecting on a deeper level and having authentic conversation makes me light up. I envision a big future in contribution to others through writing my memoir and Tianna Leigh blog, speaking and by sharing my inspirational quotes. I look forward to inspiring the world one step a time...

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