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Do you believe in Zodiac Signs??

Do you believe in Zodiac Signs??

What is this thing with Zodiac signs and people trying to figure out their lives and relationships-well, some people say they don’t fit the attributes of their star/zodiac sign, some say their relationships don’t fit the components of their zodiac sign as well. 

So are you a cancer-libra-leo- or scorpio? For example, the 2019 Zodiac horoscope Cancer(born between June 21-July 22) confirms that the innate strengths of a cancer include tenacity, loyal, highly imaginative, persuasive. Horoscopes corroborate that cancers belong to the element of water-as they tend to be sympathetic to others or empathize with other people………adding that Scorpios are known for being true friends, resourceful and stubborn…is that you?? They are also known to be inquisitive and determined to find out the truth about anything really-quite intelligent too……anyways.

So the question is do you take/make zodiac signs a capital determinant of your personality? Lets face it, its quite common to find that your star/zodiac sign fit into few of your traits and attributes-which describe your personality.

Well let's find out more in this video above; lets get it going, subscribe and enjoy....



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  • Rose Mcwell
    5mo ago

    I do , I don't. It all depends when I'm being asked. 

    I do , I don't. It all depends when I'm being asked. 

Writer, quotes writer, Spoken word, vlogger Follow me on Instagram: tosin_tajo

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