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Rosemary Nonny Knight
Rosemary Nonny Knight Empowering 334000 people worldwide to achieve financial independence and make a dent on the planet.
10mo Story
Ditch The Resentment. Power Up Gratitude. Create Abundance & Wealth

You have been working your socks off!

And so far, nothing much to show for it!

You look around and see others that do less than you and you feel angry, resentful, kinda yukky inside…

And that brings you right down, honey…


Down to a place where you cannot win.

Down to a place where your focus is on all the stuff you do not have…

Down to a place where you cannot have creative ideas…

Down to a place where you feel stuck and overwhelmed and unable to shake it.

Let’s be real, honey…

You don’t really have a clue how others are actually doing

Or even what they did to get what you think comes so easily to them now, so let’s lay the judgements down.

And instead, bring yourself back to a place of love, of possibility,  of creativity and it wil never happen while you feel all resentful about  how much you have already done.

Are you having fun wuth your work?

If not, how can you bring that back into it – Where you do the work  simply because you want to do the work, rather than thinking of all the  rewards all the time.

Yes, you can have the rewards but they are more likely to come when you are immersed in the joy of the work that you do.

So, how can you make it fun again?

1.Count your blessings

Go on, right now, write down a bunch of things you are grateful  for.   From the smallest thing to the hugest thing.  Write it all down.  And feel the feeling of gratitude for the good things in your life at  the moment.  There is always something to be grateful for even if it is  simply the fact that you have a roof over your head or a smartphone on  which you are reading this.  There is always something.  Look for it and  even the act of looking for things to be grateful for will turn your  mind back towards possibilities rather than resentments.

2) Again, gratitude

This time, be thankful for what you are yet to create.  Write out  what you are working towards and be thankful that it is coming to you.

Be thankful that you are more than capable of making dreams come true, if you allow yourself time.

Be thankful for the enjoyment and ability to do work that you love.

Be thankful for the monetary rewards that are on their way to you.

Be thankful for everything, current or about to happen.

3) Deliberately send love

Are you feeling resentment towards someone who seems to be  progressing faster than you?  Send them love anyway.  Wish them well  because honey, you cannot welcome into your life something that you  curse in another’s life.

Look at that person and realise that they are showing you what is  possible for you and be thankful for it.  It elevates your thinking and  your actions because if they can do it, why the heck not you?!  So be  thankful for that.

4) Don’t wallow & Stop feeling entitled

It just eats up your time!  If you are vaguely resentful of your  Higher Power for not making it all easier for you and honey, I have felt  that way before so no judgement!  Just let it drop though.  Spirit  withholds nothing and while you are sending resentment that way, you are  not focusing your energy on coming up with the best thing you need to  do next to win and create your vision.

So be thankful that Spirit wants you to have everything and that you  have access to a bottomless vat of wisdom and so you can now simply  figure out the next thing to do.  Focus your mind on what you are  working towards and focus your mind on making it fun to do so that you  can do whatever it takes for as long as you need to, in order to get the  result

5) Mentor & mastermind

Isolation is one way to get your mind stuck on things that hold you  back.  When you are alone, you don’t realise that you are not alone in  feeling as though nothing is working at this stage in your journey and  so that increases the intensity of your resentment and depression.  You  have no one to run ideas against and you start to wallow in self-pity.

However, having a mentor and/or being part of a mastermind will help  you realise that actually, you are not all that hard done by!  it will  make you grateful for the fact that you GET TO do this work.  It will  help you see that you are not alone and you can get encouragement and  motivation from others on the same narrow path as you are.  It will also  help you see that there may be holes in the action you are taking.   Maybe, with a few tweaks, there are some things that you could add to  the mix that will change everything!


There is something about gratitude that raises your energy level.  It  connects you with Spirit in a way that nothing else can and when you  are feeling connected and at a higher energy frequency, new ideas pop  into your head.  Your intuition works so much better than before and you  feel powerful.

Drop the resentment

Pick up gratitude instead

Follow the tips above


Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live

Because you want to

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Rosemary Nonny Knight
Empowering 334000 people worldwide to achieve financial independence and make a dent on the planet.

Hi, I am Rosemary and I used to be a pharmacist, slowly feeling my life force drain away as I did work that did not make me come alive. Finally, I stepped up, after hitting rock bottom and chose to start a business and make it successful instead of all the dabbling I had done in the past. It [...]

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