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muneebqadar Brand Strategist
8mo Story
Digital Marketing Tricks that Can Increase User Engagement

Marketing methodologies have changed significantly over the past decade. If you are a business owner, then you have already understood the methodology behind marketing techniques. With the rise of IOT, marketing and sales have become aligned and are working in the same funnel. The way we learn about customer behavior and demographics has evolved, allowing brands to communicate in a more engaging way with their potential customers.

Digital marketing techniques are now more than capable of finding leads and potential customers. But the problem is, there is less or no chances of converting leads into sales if they have no interest in the brand, product, service or the corporate culture of an organization.

In this blog, I’ll briefly explain some digital marketing tricks that can improve user engagement and positively impact your bottom line.  

Create Engaging Blogs

When it comes to content, creating demographically refined blogs posts has now become key to attract target market. For instance, instead of creating content for a wider audience, successful brands are now creating content that appeal to narrow audience.

But most businesses hesitate to opting for this content marketing strategy don’t create content for a specific and narrow audience because it will not appeal to readers that are not appropriate for them.  They want to stick with evergreen content, instead of creating blogs for subsections of readers.

But unfortunately, evergreen content can lose its charm and relevance with time. Therefore, create a robust blog schedule and create topics that appeal to wider variety of people to increase website traffic.


It is all about your customers when it comes to creating a relationship between your business and customers – and your content should reflect it. If your content and blog is all about promoting your business and services, then trust me you are missing out on a great opportunity of engagement.

Create a meaningful connection between your consumers and digital marketing collateral such as your company blog, social media and website content. Start incorporating user-generated-content into your strategy.

It compels existing and potential customers to receive rewards in exchange of sharing their brand experience with the brand. Share a Coke campaign is a great example of user-generated-content that got a lot of social media shares and contributed to significant growth of the brand.

Conduct Surveys

Surveys can be used as an effective marketing tool for your brand, if used correctly. Insights and data collected by surveys are invaluable to any brand, as this data can help strengthen brand recognition, purchase influence and existing customer loyalty.

In this digital age, many online marketers are increasingly infatuated with using social media platforms, but there are several who are looking at the affordability and significance of data provided in online surveys.

Video Marketing

If you are trying hard to communicate your transparent corporate culture or other important details about your products or services, then video marketing is indeed the best choice. It is an effective way to appeal audience because it’s a human psychology that people are compelled to press the Play button to see what the video holds in it. The click-through rate (CTR) of video marketing compared to any static PPC campaign is considerably higher.

So, all online marketers are advised to incorporate video marketing into their digital marketing strategy and convey their brand voice in a more personal manner. Customers respond quickly when brands share their culture and brand persona. Using video pay-per-click is a great way to share your personable brand stories.

Contests and Promotional Offers

Is your brand striving to get user attention or especially targeting younger demographic, then held contests and offer promotional deals. In this millennial market, it is important for nearly every business to catch the attention of a younger demographic.

Running a contest is an effective tool to get the attention of new customers and convey the important message about your brand, product or service. Holding contests that offer products you are attempting to promote and special discounts as a giveaway can stimulate user-generated-content in the form of an image or short video which will eventually lead to user engagement. And that is what every brand wants.

Bottom Line

In this day and age, when consumers are flooded with rich media content, it is high time to make some noticeable tweaks in your digital marketing strategy according to the specific interests and needs of your narrowly targeted audience.

Using techniques that increase customer engagement and interest allows consumers feel recognized which is indeed the powerful tool to influence a user purchase decision. A professional digital marketing agency in Dubai can help you devise a plan that can help you get more leads and user engagement that will ultimately boost sales.

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