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over 2 years Story
Dear Taylor


Some people think I am crazy for loving a “celebrity” as much as I do, but in my mind, you are more than a celebrity. I have literally grown up listening to your music. From 6th grade all the way to graduating college, YOU have been there.

My sister has literally spent the majority of her life being forced to listen to your music (it helps that she loves you just as much as me). Our first concert together was the Speak Now concert. I will never ever forget singing with her from the top of our lungs in the nosebleeds of Rupp Arena in Lexington, KY. Since then, we NEVER miss an opportunity to jam with TSWIFT! We saw you in Lexington during the RED tour, which was SO MUCH FUN. We were stoked that Ed Sheeran was with you on tour! We also had the chance to see you on the 1989 World Tour as well. This time we went ALL OUT! We spent about 2 months…if not longer…making 1989 jackets covered in sequins. We also made light up signs (that said MAD LOVE and WILDEST DREAMS) and showed up super early so we could experience the Taylor Nation booth!! From the jam sessions in the car blasting your music with the windows down, to running up to SWIFT trucks to take selfies, to spending hours searching through coke/diet coke bottles to find your lyrics…I will always cherish those memories with her! Listening to your music and attending your concerts has become a tradition for us, and we will keep the tradition as long as you release

If I had to pick an era, which is a super hard thing to do, it would more than likely be the 1989 era. This is when I discovered Tumblr, which I can’t decide if that is a good thing or bad thing (I spend way too much time on there). Anyway, I have gotten to know so many Swifties and read so many different stories about how you have impacted their lives. It is truly amazing! One moment that I will NEVER forget is the day you followed me. It was 2 days before Christmas and I thought I was going to pass out in the floor…no joke. The fact that you followed me STILL makes me so happy and I can’t thank you enough for that. You have the most beautiful, pure, and kind heart. Thank you for teaching us that we are our own definition of beautiful and worthwhile, and no one else’s. You make the world a better place, Taylor! There will always be people who hate on everything you do, but you just keep on doing you! We will always have your back!

I love you to the moon and back 1989 times!!! See what I did there ;)

Happy Valentine’s Day, Tay! Can’t wait for TS6!

Love love love,

Courtney (you-are-inlove13 on tumblr)

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