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over 2 years Story
Dear Taylor, a fan from China wants to say love to you

Taylor, I wish you a happy Valentine's !!but recently you seem don't really like to go out and we haven't seen you in a while,we miss you,in IDWLF behiind the scene music video you said" and just kind of the struggle of missing someone who you can't have or who isn't there" and it speak out the truth of our heart.although you just went to the super Saturday night,but you said as far as you know it's the only show in 2017,when I saw this felt so sad and so sad.or you can have fun with us by livestream on facebook,so it can ease the bitterness of missing you. 

Still remember in 2014 you went to a wedding shower,Gena said"It was about giving back to someone who's given so much to her,this is why she doesn't have a fanbase,she has an extended family."I think she was just represented us to say those things to you on stage,she's really my mind,you just a friend,a very special friend,you don't know me,we don't know each other,I don't want to treat you as my idol,because your lights will fade away one day,you'll getting older,so do I,I'm only three years younger than you,but it's ok.if you are eighty and I would be seventy-seven,so let us grow old together.I love you so much,still remember your mom once on stage said“and to the fans,I know you love her as I love her” and she's really right. I know you went through something unpleasantly last year and made you sad.but when I see those thing,I always choose to believe in you.also feel sorry for you too,worry about you.hope you don't change yourself because of those damn things,I think when you jealous of someone and you may hate that person,maybe that's why some people hurt you.just like Cinderella's stepmother. " why are you hating me?"stepmom answer"because you are beautiful,young,kind." 

Taylor, I'm come from china.maybe you get curious about why there are so many people in china love you,not the same language.because we all have english class since third grade when we were ten years old till graduate from college.and your swiftie in china said you getting fat,hope you lose weight,don't be lazy.also longing for ts6,though I don't know where is ts6,wish you can come out more often,don't be a person who disappear.I only wish could see you more often,let us know how's your life going on couse we'll missing you,are you really willing to be part with us for a long time.I wish you can live a happy,full life. 

my biggest wish for you is you can have a warm family,a man who love you,and still be our friend me, I want to marry a man who love me,not a man I'm deeply in love with,because it will be so tired.when you deeply in love with someone,you will give so much to him with no regrets,if he don't love you,you still nothing.I hope you can understand what you want in a relationship and what he can give you.why he choose to marry you,is he really love you or you just a woman suits the marriage he choose to may all about if you can get along well with each other. 

On 1989worldtour you said"it's not gonna happen forever,hope you remember it as I remember it".though you may not on stage one day,your lights fade away,it's ok couse you not fooling anyone,I know you just like the rest of us,just have different life.wish you can have a happy family and be our friend forever.your fans in china are really cute,they make fun of you,sometimes a little bit mean,but it's just some bad jokes couse we love you so much.and I missed the 1989tour in shanghai,so sad.but I don't want 1989 be the hightest of your career,I missed the 1989tour is something really regretful,every time I think about it my heart is like a sorrow I really looking forward your next tour and to create much more memories with us.I don't want those people who hurted you last year to think you are over matter you on stage or not,you already companion for the last 11 are like a friend a family to me,this relationship is really rare,how precious,hope you'll never have doubt in don't have to afraid of making mistakes or feel so much pressure.I love you,taylor.hope can meet you in person,don't let me down or ignore us slowly without you even noticing.wish you a happy and joy this year.

 From 2014 to 2017, It have been three years of being loving you. 

A swiftie from china.

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    over 2 years ago



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