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Samantha Russell
Samantha Russell Certified Eating Psychology Coach
over 1 year Story
#DayintheLife of an Eating Psychology Coach

Name: Samantha Russell

Age: 29

Home city/ country: I’m from New Zealand, but I live in Seoul, South Korea

Current Occupation: Eating Psychology Coach (at )

Time I wake up: 6am

First thing I do in the morning: Go to the gym and lift weights.

My typical breakfast: On weekdays I have coconut flour peach + banana breakfast muffins

Here's what my morning commute is like: I work from home!

I spend most of my day: On Skype with clients, writing for my blog, and interacting with my emotional eating support Facebook group. I love doing stuff like this:

After work I like to: Cook dinner, read a fantasy novel, or go for a walk in the city.

A fun night for me includes: Dinner out (steak if I can get it!), drinks at a coffee shop afterwards, and some great conversation. Maybe board games.

Time I go to sleep: 10pm

Last thing I do at night: Tell my partner I love him.

My favorite thing to do for fun: I love trying new foods!

My biggest fear right now: That I won’t be able to support myself working with clients and won’t be able to do what I love fulltime.

My biggest hope right now: That I can help as many ladies as possible heal their relationship with food and body. It hurts my heart to see and feel the struggle so many of us go through trying to achieve food-body perfection and I know I can help.

Someday I'd like to: Have my own TED talk.

The biggest challenge I have overcome so far: Moving alone to a (very) foreign country. I learned a lot about who I am, what I can do, and the strength I have. It also brought my own eating journey into focus and put me on the path I am now.

The biggest challenge I hope to overcome: Being kick-ass self employed and really helping change the world, one lady at a time.

Being a woman is wonderful because: We are gorgeous, strong, and creative.

Being a woman is a challenge because: We are so often told who and what to be, and it conflicts with who we really are and what we want. I see this battle around food and body daily.

What's one thing people don't understand about your job that you'd like to clarify to the international community? Eating psychology is about healing from the inside-out, not using diet plans, internal violence, or ‘tricks’ to lose weight. It’s about becoming who you want to be and adding awesome into your life, not subtracting in the name of control or weight loss.

What's your favorite meal or recipe that is a specialty of your culture? Roast lamb - I never get in here in Korea, but on trips home it’s top of the list.

If you could ask the Mogul community anything, what would it be? Why do you love yourself today? How can you show that to yourself?

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1 comment

  • Lisa Ladrido
    Lisa Ladrido R.N. HOOKED on Travel/Social Media/Writing/Health & to Inspire!
    over 1 year ago

    I have to check out your website! I need a good healing from the inside out! Thanks for sharing your day in the life!

    I have to check out your website! I need a good healing from the inside out! Thanks for sharing your day in the life!

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Report this post
Samantha Russell
Certified Eating Psychology Coach

I help women who struggle with unwanted eating, body image, and food. Together, we use dynamic eating psychology and positive mind-body nutrition to really understand what's going on, and heal in a real and lasting way. You'll love your food, your body, and your life!

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