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Anastasia Nikoloudi
Anastasia Nikoloudi Mogul Influencer
1y Europe Story
#DayintheLife in Europe as an Executive Communications Assistant and Public Relations Specialist

Name: Anastasia Nikoloudi

Age: 30

Home city/ country: Paris/Milan/Thessaloniki

Current Occupation: Executive Communications Assistant and Public Relations Specialist.

Time I wake up: It’s usually the time my dog wakes me up, around 08.30.

First thing I do in the morning: So, first thing I do is to get dressed and walk with my little Frenchie for 30 minutes.

My typical breakfast: A bowl of energy, including coconut milk and chia seeds.

Here's what my morning commute is like: I work from home most of the time, but when I do have to do some meetings, presentations or just say hi to my partners, I fly. Otherwise, I walk, which is -to be honest- easier and healthier.

I spend most of my day doing: Talking to people, writing down ideas and researching on the internet.

 After work or school, I like to: have a cup of cappuccino, at my favorite bistrot with some of my closest friends.

A fun night for me includes: An Italian dinner shared with friends and a nice glass of French wine.

 Time I go to sleep: Considering sleep overestimated and enjoying the silence after midnight, I usually go to sleep around 03.00.

 Last thing I do at night: Take good care of my skin, using some Argan oil and a few minutes of scrolling on Instagram.

 My favorite thing to do for fun: Swimming in the sea.

 My biggest fear right now: That I might not be able to fight enough for the causes I truly care about.

 My biggest hope right now: To be healthy enough to make my dreams come true and blessed enough to enjoy them.

 Someday I'd like to: make a roadtrip around Asia.

 The biggest challenge I have overcome so far: to stand on my feet both financially and emotionally.

 The biggest challenge I hope to overcome: “To do right”, quoting Maya Angelou.

 Being a woman is wonderful because: I can rise, I can achieve whatever I dream of and I can be strong in order to help others do the same during hard times. I can be sensitive and tough. But beyond all, I am human being, worthy of respect and awe. Not just me, but all of us.

 Being a woman is a challenge because: Sometimes, we, women around the globe, feel the need to justify our way of living or even worse to ask for the right to live freely.

 What's one thing people don't understand about your culture that you'd like to clarify to the international community? I am Greek and proud to be. My culture is my heritage and I carry a great part of it around with me. What I consider important to mention is that we do not spend our time enjoying coffees. At least, not the biggest part of our population. My people are hard working, intelligent, problem solving and most of the time friendly people. The biggest mistake is that we use old stereotypes for our country in order to promote products or tourism and those stereotypes tend to be perceived as our reality.

 What's your favorite meal or recipe that is a specialty of your culture? Being a vegetarian in a Mediterranean country is the yummiest thing I assume. My favorite meal is a plain recipe: lentils.

 If you could ask the Mogul community anything, what would it be? During the multidimensional European crisis, where do you think women across Europe should seek for inspiration?

 I am a Mogul because: it’s an inspiring way to share and enjoy my female identity. Not two women are the same, but all of them are amazing and we should seek one another as a mentor or a friend.

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Anastasia Nikoloudi
Mogul Influencer

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