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8mo NY, United States Story
Dating After Turning 50 Years Old, Time to Go Home or Go Out?

Ah, the adage that 50 is the new 40. That has probably been said more times than necessary but with the power of the Internet today, it has never been truer. The real question for singles over 50 years old is, are you ready to start enjoying life or simply stay home?

Get out and enjoy life, of course! Just because you are over 50 years old that doesn’t mean your life is over. Far from it. Life is just getting interesting for singles over 50. The hard part of being over 50 and being single is figuring out what to do today and what to put off till tomorrow. It’s your life, your choices.

For those reading this that are still slightly out of the dating loop, keep reading. We have some help foryou here, even if it is just a refresher course there are some great things ahead.

There are many sites that are vying for the title of best dating site for over 50 year old singles but which one is best for you may not be best for someone else. Some may go for the current largest singles site with which has a purported 25+million total members. This is a great option as your ideal date could be one of those members.

Others may want to check out eHarmony for their dedication to giving members only the best matches. This isaccomplished via that LONG questionnaire they give each member upon signing up. eHarmony is reportedly the leader in producing marriages between members according to third party verification services.

Those are fine dating services but maybe you are a little more interested in seeing just people your own age.That is where OurTime and SeniorMatch come into play. Both of these sites focus on just older singles, no 20 somethings clogging up your time on these sites. Besides, who wants to see countless younger profiles when tryingto find one that is at least from the same generation? It can become monotonous and even pointless after a bit. Worse, it can become annoying and cause people to leave the service.

Finally, we have Elite Singles. What is this site about you ask? Here people are often mid-life, and older,singles that have degrees or have their live goals accomplished (or close to it). These are singles that are not interested in the “run around” that younger singles may crave – probably not going to get the annoying“you didn’t text me yesterday” message out of the blue from singles on Elite Singles. Professionals are often found on this service.

No matter which site you pick, remember to enjoy life and that just because you turn 50+, life is not over. Not by a long shot. Your tastes are different than they were when you were 20 something, your life and relationship goals are different. That is just life, and it should be indulged rather than pushed aside. Find that specialsomeone and get out there and kick butt at life dating over 50. You are worth it.

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Author of A dating blog to help over 50 singles seeking love and relationships. We have picked 5 best dating sites for over 50 on our list.

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