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BEA C. PILOTIN Mogul Influencer (New York) & Writer at Thought Catalog (New York)
1mo Doha, Qatar Story
Date Someone Who Wishes You All The Good Things In Life

Dating is perfectly okay but don’t rush a romance by finding someone you don’t deserve so not to miss life’s subtle nuances. Love never runs out sweethearts. Let it knock to your heart and when you start to feel, know when it’s real. And here are my perspectives when it comes to dating someone which I want you to know.

Date someone you deserve. Yes, someone who wishes you all the good things in life which will add some brightness to your day. Stay with someone who is endlessly fascinated with you, who loves surprising you with little things, makes you feel special every day, and feels lucky to sit next to you in the park under the huge yellow moon, during lunch time at the Ritz, in a private yachts and sipping martinis on sun-splashed terraces. I’m serious. You may call it flight of imagination that it sounds like a fairy tale. But seriously, date someone who would cross heaven and earth and would come through a hurricane and tornado for you.

Date someone who makes you the best version of yourself. There’s just something so breathtakingly beautiful about falling in love with someone who chooses to keep you grounded in your values and principles that help you to decide on what is wrong and right. Be with someone who is gentle with you in every word and action, whose only intention is to pursue and love you with the presence of God.

Date someone who fervently and earnestly loves you. ALWAYS. Be with a one who’s willing to stand through the test of time and who awakens your heart and makes you feel alive. Be with the one you love with all your heart and who loves you that much back. You deserve someone who loves you for the madness you have and the little things you do, the one who gives you love that could lift you up and can make you happy.

Date someone who sees no flaws, finds no faults and knows no bounds. It’s always lovely to know someone is there ready to accept you for who you are and for who you have always been without trying to hide away the parts of you that you’ve deemed ugly.

Date someone who will choose you over and over again- who will look for you when you disappear in a crowd. You deserve someone who stays forever. Be with someone who will never push you away and who will realize that giving up on you is the most impossible thing to do. You deserve someone who never fails to see your worth as a person, the one who values your presence and someone who takes away the pain you feel and fix your broken heart.

Date someone who is your home. Always be with the one, who will stay by your side to provide you the warmth and comfort, who is passionate, the one who hugs you tight when you’re sad, and the one who kisses your tears away and makes you smile again.

Date someone who will hold each and every single piece of you. You deserve someone who knows what to say when you start to feel sad and who knows exactly when to say nothing just when all you need is to be held. Someone who is ready to listen to your silly dreams and understands your quirkiness.

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Mogul Influencer (New York) & Writer at Thought Catalog (New York)

Bea C. Pilotin is a Qatar-based Filipino Freelance Writer, one of the Mogul- New York Influencers, a Goodreads and an Amazon Author. To read more from her, follow her on her Facebook Page

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