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Judith Davis
1y New York, NY, United States Story
Danielle Marzella Grillo talks about using 3D printing in her hair loss business Transitions Hair Solutions

There’s a New Jersey woman dramatically changing lives by utilizing 3D printing technology.  Her process is innovative and amazing at the same time.  

Businesswoman and founder Danielle Marzella Grillo of Transitions Hair Solutions based in Wall, New Jersey, is creating custom prosthetic hair pieces to the exact measurements of a person’s head. It's true and her method are quite precise.  For each customer, the hair is matched by color, texture, and even hair pattern on the scalp. Danielle personally does the measurements and molds for her clients within her New Jersey office.  Afterwards, she sends all the details to a lab in Italy where a 3-D printer produces the piece designed. The human hair is hand injected as well and the process takes about three months from start to finish.

Transitions Hair Solutions is one of just a few hair loss professionals in the U.S. doing this. "Most people who wear one of the pieces call it a second skin, states Danielle. "Now, they’re finally able to live an active lifestyle without worrying about their hair loss."  This revelation is one that resonates well with current clients.

In addition to her work, Danielle literally travels the world educating hair loss industry professionals about this technology. This year she been to Italy and Turkey twice to check in with her business partners since she is very hands on.

Danielle really thinks it’s crucial for women in business to stay on top of tech trends, regardless of what industry they work in. She’s a great example of this and although she wants to expand the company, it is important for her to keep the personal touch to ensure that clients have the best experience possible. She loves her work and goes above and beyond to make sure her clients are satisfied.

It is clear that the Transitions Hair Solutions team is doing groundbreaking work with this product and we can only expect to hear more from them in the next few years. For more information on the company, visit their website or keep in touch via social on Facebook and Twitter.   

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