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tonybowles Contributing Editor
7mo New York City, NY, United States Story
D’USSÉ Collaborates With Renaissance Hotels For Taste & Toast The Town Competition Event

Last week in Midtown Manhattan a private event for D'USSE (pronounced 'DEW-SAY') cognac tasting featured three D’USSÉ VSOP Cognac cocktails prepared by Maxime Belfand, which guests had the opportunity to vote on. The winning libation – D’USSE All Day (recipe below) -- was announced and will now remain on-menu for a month at the midtown hotel.  In addition, the winning recipe is currently available for consumers via Cocktail Courier - a premiere online cocktail delivery service, bringing a unique cocktail experience to the comfort of people’s homes with on-demand cocktail kits, featuring drinks crafted by top bartenders across the nation.

D'USSE All Day1.5oz D'USSE VSOP cognac

3/4oz Hibiscus

1/2oz Lemon juice

Top with sparkling and soda water


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Contributing Editor

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