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florentinapopa Florentina Popa
over 1 year Story
Customer Reviews from Premier Pups confirm the main characteristics of dog persons

Canines and felines have different ways of being that split them up into two distinct stereotypes. Cats generally live longer than dogs and they own their people. As Winston Churchill said, “dogs look up on us”, while “cats look down on us”. At Premier Pups Reviews, customers leave us reviews sharing with us details that reveal their puppies’ personalities. As a reputable company working in pet industry, we are up-to-date with the most important study results about the characteristics of dog persons.

Preferences for dogs or cats may accurately reveal the type of temperament and personality of people. Studies have invalidated the theory referring to someone’s tendency to choose a pet with an opposite personality. People look for pets that have a similar personality to theirs. Customer stories left on Premier Pups Reviews show customers and their dogs have similar personalities. 

According to scientists, the preference towards a specific type of pets reflects someone’s view of the world. For example, dog owners prefer pets that are submissive to them, scoring higher on personality characteristics associated with dominance and competitiveness. They are more assertive compared with cat lovers, that tend to be narcissistic.

The big five personality traits 

A study conducted by Samuel D. Gosling analyzed the big five personality traits in self-identified cat people and dog people, including extraversion, agreeableness, openness, conscientiousness and neuroticism. The study revealed that:

  • Dog persons are more extroverted, agreeable and conscientious than cat persons. Dog persons are more active and more accommodating, willing to work harder at relationships. Owning a dog may be a social experience because a dog needs to be walked on a regular basis.  That’s why, a dog facilitates the interaction with others, especially if he is cute and admired by everyone. Potential friends may appear everywhere, in parks, at dog runs, in elevators, on the streets and so on.
  • Cat people tend to be more neurotic which is related to depression and anxiety. They are also more open to new experiences than dog people.
  • Cat owners tend to become self-sufficient. They don’t have many social benefits as cats don’t help expanding a person’s social circle.
  • When it comes to using the internet, dog owners are looking for advice related to their pets, while cat owners are more interested in building communities and getting to know other cat owners. Don’t forget about the fact that cats are real stars on the internet, especially on social networks – Facebook, YouTube, Instagram.

Reviews on Premier Pups show dog persons are extroverted

As our colleagues at Premier Pups Reviews researched deeper on this subject, they concluded that these results confirm other studies’ findings. They strengthen the fact that dog lovers are extroverted persons and less neurotic compared to cat persons, who tend to be more open to new experiences, more intelligent and more curious.

A study of 600 college students conducted by Denise Guastello strengthens earlier discoveries that dog persons are more lively and outgoing, while cat persons are highly-intelligent, more introverted, sensitive, open-minded and non-conformist. According to the study, 38% of dog lovers were looking for companionship, while 45.6% of cat lovers were in quest of affection.

A study, made in Melbourne, in 2015, revealed that competitiveness and social dominance orientation were higher in dog persons. Social dominance orientation is related to the belief that the world is structured, creating specific differences between higher ranked groups and lower ranked groups.

Other studies revealed that differences also appear within dog people depending on their preferred breed. At Premier Pups, we’ve found similarities between customers that own the same dog breeds.

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Florentina Popa

Florentina Popa is the founder of A.I. ON WEB, a digital marketing agency. She has a strong passion for digital marketing technologies and she is content writer and social media manager for several small and medium companies located in the Southeastern Europe. She loves to create articles about [...]

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