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Devin C. Hughes
10mo San Diego, CA, United States Story
Create Your Own Healthy Helping of Positivity... Anytime!

Keeping a positive frame of mind can really help increase your productivity, keep you from feeling depressed or overwhelmed... the benefits are many.  Here is a great way to "keep on the sunny side" when those storm clouds start to descend.

Materials Needed

* Jar, canister or receptacle you'll enjoy seeing regularly

* Cardstock or other thick paper

* Scissors

* Pens or markers

Find a jar, canister or some other decorative receptacle that you enjoy looking at. This will be the "pool of positivity" that you'll fill with all things good. If you want, decorate it to better express your personality.

Using your cardstock, cut into pieces that are large enough for you to write a few words on. Jot down a different "task" on each card -- for instance, on one you could write, "SMILE", another, "Close your eyes and picture the beach"... anything that will allow you to stop for a few moments and do something positive. Fold them each in half and place in your jar.

Keep this jar on your desk. Anytime you start to feel stressed, overwhelmed, irritated or just generally out-of-sorts, randomly draw a card from the jar and do whatever it says. Other ideas might include getting up and walking outdoors, complimenting a co-worker, emailing a loved one... the possibilities are endless!

Devin C. Hughes, is a highly sought after speaker, author, happiness muse, mindfulness maven & executive coach. He is the author of eight books and his approach draws from the science of positive psychology, positive organizational research, appreciative inquiry, neuroscience, mindset and mindfulness.

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Author, Speaker & Positive Psychology Researcher

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