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Craving Sweets? Here are some *healthy* ice cream choices!

We all have sweet tooths that we are all dying to satisfy, aren't we?

Well I've comprised a list of healthy ice cream choices that range from dairy-free to gluten-free! 

Turkey Hill's "light" Ice Creams

They're lightened-up versions of a classic that you won't regret! Better yet, they're lower in fat- which just screams healthy, doesn't it?

Skinny Cow's 140-cal option

If you're craving ice cream AND cookies, you've got to try Skinny Cow's ice cream sandwich that are only 140 calories per serving!

Halo Top

I'm sure you've heard of this new "miracle" ice cream... Boasting in its low-calorie, low-sugar and protein-filled ingredients... these are absolutely delicious! They have a wide variety of flavors including oatmeal cookie, red velvet and even s'mores!

Weight Watchers toffee bars

If you're craving an ice cream, this one's for you! Not only are they 70 calories per bar, they're filled with tasty chocolate toffees! 

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