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Coworking Spaces with Childcare Services are the Perfect Combination for Young or Parenting Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs thrive on remaining independent and charting their own course in life. Of course, entrepreneurs also want things like more time in their day, greater access to working capital and networking opportunities, and a way to somehow find more sleep and time for relaxation at the end of the day.

Mentoring an environment where you can focus on what's important and a supportive social circle are a few other things that entrepreneurs feel are integral to their success. Developing a mentorship relationship and finding like-minded peers can put entrepreneurs in touch with the resources to realize their dreams in the real world.

That's definitely the ideal situation that entrepreneurs are striving for. Sometimes life can get in the way. Entrepreneurs and independent workers of all stripes can find that they're having to spend too much time initially on attaining startup capital and losing valuable time on getting first-mover advantages.

Coworking Spaces Offer Entrepreneurs Real Solutions

Coworking spaces offer a number of benefits that almost seem tailor-made to meet the specific challenges of young entrepreneurs. A coworking space provides more structure for independent workers, increases the chances of creative collaboration, and offers the amenities of a traditional workspace and then some. On top of that, many shared working spaces even offer childcare services so your children can have fun while you express your creativeness.

Just to be clear, a coworking space is an alternative workplace environment that brings independent workers (entrepreneurs, temps, freelancers, etc.) together. In a coworking space, self-employed workers and entrepreneurs are working side-by-side—but often on completely different projects.

Still, the chances of finding a mentor or linking up with a peer support group are pretty high since entrepreneurs would be working with like-minded people from the same city with an equal level of enthusiasm for working autonomously. Networking and funding opportunities, as well as creative spinoffs, are a real possibility for entrepreneurs going about their workday in a membership-based coworking space.

Remove the Barriers for Entrepreneurship to Flourish

Coworking spaces are attractive and functional and often come fully stocked in terms of modern furniture and amenities. Shared working places always have the basics like scanners and printers. Today's shared offices also have fully equipped meeting rooms and concierge services to boot.

When you take a look at some of the specific challenges that young entrepreneurs with kids face, you realize that those challenges are unique but not insurmountable. What's more, shared working spaces can offer real solutions right from the start. To get more work in, entrepreneurs with kids are advised to get up before dawn, create a separation between work environment and a living environment, and separate work time and family time as well.

Coworking spaces allow young entrepreneurs to do just that. The best part is that many of these spaces are open 24/7 and frequently offer childcare services so entrepreneurs don't have to scramble through their phones looking for babysitters' numbers or worry about missing a deadline. By making use of a coworking space's childcare services, entrepreneurs can focus on work without having to worry about whether their kids are being taken care of.

In effect, childcare services also tackle a few of the challenges that entrepreneurs in general face. They allow entrepreneurs to effectively add more hours to their workdays since childcare services can handle some of the babysitting and they also create more opportunities for networking, developing peer relationships, and collaborating on projects.

Coworking Spaces Are Here to Stay

Coworking spaces are here to stay, according to Forbes. The reasons boil down to the obvious—e.g., shared working spaces offer freelancers and entrepreneurs affordable yet reliable office space and internet access—to the social and economical.

On the social side of things, coworking areas obviously increase an entrepreneur's chances of finding mentorship, funding, guidance and networking opportunities. As it turns out, it might do a lot more than that. Harvard studies show that all workers in shared offices tend to thrive more and enjoy greater levels of professional satisfaction.

Entrepreneurs working in coworking spaces rate their work as more meaningful, which you might expect since a much higher percentage of entrepreneurs are pursuing projects that are personally invigoration. Also, consider the fact that entrepreneurs in coworking spaces exert much more job control and are surrounded by an infectious sense of entrepreneurial enthusiasm and being part of an exciting workplace community.

Coworking shapes, in other words, overcome most if not all of the challenges of working completely autonomously (without enough structure) or working in a stifling, traditional workplace with layers of social climbing and bureaucracy. Instead, coworking spaces offer the freedom and control that entrepreneurs need to fully develop their ideas!

So if you are an entrepreneur with children, don't throw in your creative towel just yet! Coworking spaces that offer childcare services are the perfect place for you to get creative while not worrying about whether your children are well taken care of. It's a win-win!

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