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Convert Bitmap to Vector to Create a Sharper Image

In the digital world, there are two types of file formats which are very popular in modern times. These are bitmap images and vector graphics. The bitmap images are made up of individual dots which are called pixels, all of which have different colors. Vector graphics are made up of objects, and each object can be edited separately by changing the color, shape, and size.

Advantages of vector graphics over bitmap images

There are numerous advantages of vector images over bitmap images. To reap the benefits of vector graphics, you may do a raster to vector conversion. If we try to enlarge the vector image, it will retain its quality. On the other hand, if we try to scale up a bitmap image, it will make the image jagged. The outputs of vector graphics are a visual delight compared to raster images. The vector files do not take up much space compared to bitmap images.

Techniques of converting a bitmap image to vector format

There are numerous websites which offer online images to vector conversion. Otherwise, you can convert bitmap to vector using some software. It is very easy to convert to vector graphics. Separate applications and plug ins are used for converting raster content into vectors. However, Live Trace is one of the most popular tools for this purpose. Live Trace involves a two-step process. In the first step, the original raster image is conditioned for optimal tracing. In the second phase, vector paths are drawn for creating vector art. You can preview the results immediately.

Tracing of the image over the original bitmap

There are different ways of tracing vectors with the software available. You can refine the quality of the vector graphics. The advantage now is that the tracing has been done on the original bitmap. It has not been replaced. The bitmap image can be seen underneath the newly traced image. You can get rid of the bitmap image by pressing delete from your keyboard.

Decision of whether to use bitmap or vector graphics

You should ask yourself a few questions before you take the decision of using bitmap or vector graphics. If you need the image to look realistic, then your answer is bitmap image.If you need the image to be resized or scaled and you are worried about the file size, then you should choose vector graphics.  You enjoy more flexibility and have a lot of options in manipulating the image in vector graphics.

Uses of vector art

Raster graphics are used for things such as photographs or images which are continuous in tone. Vector art is based on mathematical calculations, and so vector art is suitable for printing. It will give very sharp prints even if it is resized. So Vector graphics are widely used in the commercial world of logo making and banner designing. High-quality typography is now used frequently in the business community for advertisements and making business cards. They can be scaled to any size without compromising quality.

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Author of this article has vast knowledge about Convert Bitmap To Vector and Convert Image To Vector Illustrator. For more information visit Artfixers.

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The use of advanced software solutions can be seen everywhere. You can see this trend in the process of Raster to Vector Conversion as well. There are some highly advanced and efficient solutions that can be used to convert raster images to vector images.

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