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Comparing Online Schools to Traditional Schools—Can Students Succeed?

Many parents are not sure whether an online school environment is as thriving as traditional school learning. Though they know about the several additional benefits of online classes, this particular doubt prevents them from letting their child avail those benefits.

In general, students attend online school for several modern-age reasons. No student wants to remain restricted to a specific field. They wish to be multi-talented. The rigidity of the conventional education system deters them from focusing on more than one subjective area. This is where online schooling scores big!

However, virtual schools work in a different manner as compared to their conventional counterparts.

Here is a comparison between online schools and traditional schools:

Effectiveness of learning
It is pretty well-known that most of the traditional schools are excessively rigid. They follow a rigid learning pace, pattern, and schedule. These cannot be altered, whether or not it is suiting the kid or not! This is why many traditional school students are never fully satisfied with this form of learning. Also, since kids do not get enough personalized attention, they get bored easily. Thus, they lose interest in their learning and never achieve their true potential.

On the other hand, online schools incorporate multiple learning formats to stimulate the minds of the students. This keeps them engaged for long hours. Most of the accredited online schools come up with fun-filled interactive activities to make sure that the child enjoys the learning process. Thus, online learning is highly conducive to student success. Being more result-oriented and student-centric, this alternate learning form is certainly believed to be more effective. However, an online student needs to take his online course seriously in order to taste success!

Flexibility in scheduling
This is one of the most prominent reasons why most students resort to online learning, in the first place. It is a fact that studying online offers a great deal of flexibility and convenience to students. This is very helpful to students who are committed to work or family. With online courses, they can take classes at their own convenience. They are not forced to attend lessons at specific times.

Traditional education is a tangible form of education that can actually be great for students who have conventional schedules. But, it is a big no for part-time workers or students who wish to divide their focus into multiple subjective areas. The worst part is that traditional school students need to follow a rigid learning pace and schedule. This might not be in their best interests always.

Budget constraints
Online-based courses and programs usually offer cheap options, on an overall perspective. As per many latest reports, a degree course in a brick-and-mortar university costs a total average of $85,000. On the contrary, the estimated cost of an online program is a total average of $30,000. This implies that by enrolling for a virtual course, a student can cut down a good deal of his expenses.

The good thing is that students can choose from a wide range of options. They can even go for certain exclusive courses. Since online schools do not really have budget constraints or location constraints, they can afford to hire well-qualified teachers from any corner of the world.

In an online school, the common costs that are cut down include commutation costs, library fees, accommodation costs, costs for textbooks etc. Thus, online students can do away with high costs as well as too much of time-consumption.

Educational tools and resources
Usually, top online schools come with an exceptional range of virtual tools and resources to enable online students in every possible way. Since all of these resources are online, students have the liberty to access and use these whenever they want. This is the beauty of taking classes at virtual high school! Online resources also include human resources, online teachers. Usually, these teachers are highly qualified and adequately certified to provide you with the best possible form of online education.

In a traditional school environment, the teachers are available only for a limited time period. Thus, students need to ask all of their queries only at a particular time of the day. This can put a good deal of pressure on traditional school students, especially those who have hectic schedules. This is the reason a traditional school is a big no for a part-time worker!

In present times, online courses offer experiences that can be tailored to meet each student's needs. This personalized form of learning can be a big advantage for kids. Thus, online learning appeals to every type of learner, whether virtual, auditory or kinesthetic.

The traditional education is just the opposite of personalized! It is highly generic and rigid in every aspect. This often acts as a prominent deterrent to students who want to be multi-talented.

Means of socialization
Social interaction is one of the biggest criteria when it comes to choosing between an online school and a traditional school. Online schools provide ample opportunities for teachers and students to interact with one another. They can effectively interact through an online portal, video conferencing software, e-mails etc. Many online schools employ specific online meeting software to enable socialization. This type of software allows teachers to use the screen sharing feature to begin their lessons as well.

Traditional schools are all about face-to-face interactions. Students can communicate with their teachers and peers directly. However, it has its own negative aspects. Since the interaction is face-to-face, it prevents many shy and reticent students from expressing their opinions or ideas. Also, there is less effective socialization amongst the peers since looks become a major determining factor when it comes to making friends.

Thus, virtual communication is safer. There is less of judgment here. So, students feel free to openly share their views, without being scared of getting judged in any way. Also, the socialization is more meaningful here since the bonding mainly happens on the basis of similar interests.

Online students are highly likely to succeed in every possible manner. However, they need to be responsible and self-disciplined!

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I work for Forest Trail Academy which is a fully accredited private online homeschool. You can access the coursework from the comfort of your home. The school provides online classes worldwide.

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