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Massive Daily Massive Daily
7mo Hong Kong Story
Comparing Hiking Boots: Asolo vs. Merrell

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There is no single piece of gear more important for hiking than boots. The pair you choose can make your break your entire expedition. A good pair of boots is durable, comfortable, and well-constructed to protect your feet from the rocks, debris, and cracks on a rough trail, lessening the chance of injury. Asolo and Merrell are two giants in the world of hiking boots, and in this article, we’ll compare these two brands side-by-side.

What are Asolo Hiking Boots & Merrell Hiking Boots?

Asolo is one of the most famous brands for outdoor footwear in Europe, widely renowned for their craftsmanship and innovation. The company was founded in 1975 in Italy and was born out of a family business that was established after the WWII. Since the introduction of their first trekking footwear, made of highly durable Cordura fabric, Asolo has been creating new technologies that are designed to improve user experience.

Merrell is an American footwear company founded in 1981. The brand was established as a way to introduce affordable, high-quality hiking boots into the market, and is now one of the largest hiking shoe brands in the world. Eventually, they diversified into lighter types of footwear such as running shoes and tennis shoes, but their most popular product line still remains their trekking gear.

Asolo vs Merrell Boot Durability

Asolo is widely known for their incredible durability, particularly among trekkers. It’s well known that Asolo hiking boots can survive for well-over a decade.

Many consider a pair of Asolos to be a buy-for-life purchase. This can be attributed to their strong focus on research and development, as well as the quality of the materials that they use.

On the other hand, Merrell hiking boots are also known for being quite durable. While their durability tends to vary greatly between different models and materials, their shoes are considered well-constructed and tend to last for a long time. This is particularly true of their top-of-the-line boots.

Comfort & Performance

Asolo shoes are very comfortable to wear over long periods of time. Their Gore-Tex technology, which was first introduced in the 1980s, added a thin, durable membrane that makes the inside of their shoes significantly more breathable, as well as waterproof. Furthermore, many of their hiking boots have an emphasis on fit, with much of their research going into how to make the foot surface more compatible with their shoes. 

Merrell performs well in creating shoes that do not cause injuries when worn on extended trips. While the insides of their boots are not quite as breathable as their Asolo counterparts, they are still comfortable and often come with waterproof materials.

Should You Go with Merrell or Asolo?

While Asolo and Merrell hiking boots have their respective pros and cons, no matter which brand you pick, you’re going to be purchasing an excellent pair of hiking boots.

Asolo’s shoes are typically more advanced and research-driven than many others in the industry, which results in a very sturdy, rugged, and comfortable pair of boots that will likely be in use for a very long time.

On the other hand, Merrell’s hiking boots typically have a more modern aesthetic, while still being sturdy and comfortable to wear. Furthermore, they have a fairly wide product line with many cheap options, so if you want a well-known, reliable brand you can get for less, you can’t go wrong with Merrell.

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