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1mo Washington, DC, United States Story
Common Sense

Those with any sense know there are those you don't mess with, go at, taunt, or anything else. Super predators of course always think they're the entitled exception to the rule however. There's people you just leave alone, they leave you alone you leave them alone. The difference between my kind are we are well thought of with many different types as where super predators (aka sexual/stalker/deviant predators etc) are not because obviously they hurt innocent people and children. My kind recognize we aren't so familiar we could just waltz up to a said party like we're tight or something, super predators don't have that sense. For one thing that would be presumptuous as hell for another it's just stupid. Typically we have an understanding and respect each other's work, we respect each others spaces basically. As where super predators don't respect anyone or thing, nothing. There are protocols and rules to what I'm talking about. The kind I speak of don't violate and hurt innocent people, they loath those who do harm innocent people, my kind make sure others are either pulled out of exploitative harmful situations children especially or avoid them altogether. In brief there's just people you don't harass, run your mouth at, follow for the sake of being stupid, taunt, stalk, or in some cases even look at. Let them do them, you do you. If they wanna help my kind along we just let them but keep our distance. They often do make the best allies when it comes to gender violence and violence against youths and Women because they're not perpetrators of that. Predators don't have that sense to know the difference.  


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Multi Tasker

Aloha💖 Born of the wild, Spiritual, Believer, Millennial meets a twinge of Generation Z, Classical Dance, Mixed Fusion Dance, Athlete, Singing (1st Soprano), Music, Abolition, Art, Modeling, Survivor leader, Brand Ambassador, Collaborator, Blogger, Journalist, Ultra Petite yet tenaciously tough, [...]

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