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Judith Davis
1y New York, NY, United States Story
Co-founders Tommy Stadlen and Fred Blackford Discuss Polaroid Swing

Looks like the iconic brand Polaroid is making a bit of a comeback, a splash or it is a swing? This is exciting news and quite innovative because in a world where all smart phones are now equipped with cameras, how does a company standout and create something to grab a users attention? There is a way and it is in the form of a new app called Polaroid Swing.

The Polaroid Swing app introduces a new way to capture fun moments with family and friends in an instant. The Polaroid Swing app takes one-second snap shots that are brought to life when you touch them or swing your phone from side-to-side. With Polaroid Swing, you can keep a collection of memories and easily share them on social media. . Trailblazing co-founders Tommy Stadlen and Fred Blackford partnered with the company in an effort to create images, but not just any images, moving images that created memories and also tell a bit of a story.

Stadlen and Blackford are business partners, but were also childhood friends who have worked together on a few business through the years. These two leaders have also helped Broadway become a bit more tech. This year’s 24 Hour Plays event on Broadway changed its casting process and used the Polaroid Swing app for this year’s event.

Polaroid played a key creative role in the production of the 24 Hour Plays since the company was founded in 1997. Each year, directors and playwrights capture the “essence” of each actor in a single Polaroid image (the kind you have to shake!) and use the images to inspire storylines, dialogue, and scenery designed to play to each actor’s strengths!

For this effort, the 24 Hour Company took this tradition into the future with the help of Polaroid Swing. Instead of the traditional, one-dimensional image, writers and directors will also use the Polaroid Swing app to take 3D, moving images of each star as well as capture the casting process in a series of moving images! In addition to using apps for booking tickets, apps are now being used to produce shows. This is the first time Polaroid Swing is being used for the casting process.

After speaking with co-founders Tommy Stadlen, it is clear the Polaroid Swing wants to make their mark with photo sharing. Stadlen stated that to him "The Polaroid brand was the most iconic and it was an honor to partner with them." These two tech co-founders have truly found something unique in a medium where it appeared that all had already been done.

For more information on Polaroid Swing, visit their website.  Also keep up with the latest updates via social media on Facebook and Twitter.

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