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Clean Water-- The Plight Of A Supermodel For Her Hometown Burkina Faso

As a child, I wanted to drink everything else but the water my mother insisted I drink.  If she dared make me drink it I thought it was either a form of punishment or it was a lack of funds our family had.  I had no sense of how valuable water was to the human body. I would fight her every step of the way-- no please don't make me drink it.  

Can you imagine-- water the very thing no human can live without.  The human body is made up of 60% of water but yet we are willing to indulge in everything else but the very thing we need to keep it alive.  The human body can go three weeks without food before perishing but will die three to four days without water.  Imagine that.  So that would make water the most valuable commodity known to man.  Making water life.

So how is it that in parts of the world there is a lack of clean water, and there is no urgency to take corrective measures to provide it for those in need.  What are the officials doing in the areas where water is not accessible to those humans in need of it?

Well, Georgie Badiel is not waiting for public officials to correct the matter for her hometown in Burkina Faso-Africa.  She has taken matters into her own hands.

Georgie, this African beauty is an international supermodel in the fashion industry.  She is an educated woman, who landed on the pages of magazines such as Vogue, GQ, Essence, ID-Magazine to name a few.  She has graced the runway shows of the likes such as Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Zang Toi to name a few.   She has traveled the world from New York, London, Paris, and Italy as one of the industries respected models.  But never once did she forget where she came from and those she left behind-- temporarily who still need her to be their voice.

And boy did she give them a voice.  Georgie Badiel-now Liberty, who recently wed Entrepreneur Chid Liberty, Chief Executive Officer of the fair trade company Liberty & Justice this past Fall in the middle of Fashion Week.  Not only did they wed in the middle of fashion week, but iconic designer Zang Toi Walked her down the aisle.  Now that is influence.

Georgie could not sit back knowing that many in her home of Burkina Faso did not have access to clean water.  Children were unable to go to school because they were so busy fetching water to have the time sit in class to learn to give them the freedom to live a more prosperous life because they had no access to the basic "human rights" all should have--clean water.

So she decided to write a book-- The Water Princess.  This was not a fairy tale as we know fairy tale but it was a documentation of her journey of going back and forth daily to fetch water for the basic needs of her family.  It was through that platform she introduced us to the struggles of her people, our people, human beings that needed our help.

She would then form the Georgie Badiel Foundation that would bring this crisis to an international audience and she would advocate for the people and plead to the hearts of all who would listen and help.

It is this passion, drive, and commitment that made me bring it to the attention of a dear friend that was working at Bally-- the Swiss Luxury brand and ask them if they wanted to get involved.  And get involved they did.  The Madison Avenue staff felt so much compassion and enthusiasm for the cause they took it to the corporate office that then moved the higher-ups to approve a shopping experience that would help raise not only money to help build a well but raise awareness to the continued support the foundation would need.

So like some other brands-- Bally saw a community in need and is now willing to take a chance to help those in need.  They put their money where their mouth is.  On December 18, 2018, from 5 pm to 8 pm in New York City-- Bally and Georgie Badiel will create an experience for their already existing customers and invite those unfamiliar with their brand to come meet, greet and learn more about the Georgie Badiel Foundation and their mission to build wells in Africa so that the people in Burkina Faso  and others can live a healthier and freshwater clean life like the rest of the world has the privilege of doing without thinking about it.

So while some of us may take it for granted that the water that runs in our facet is just a room away-- many have to walk miles to get water and it all may not be so clean.  Food for thought.


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