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Jules Lavallee
Jules Lavallee Celebrity Reporter for Copa Style magazine
1y Story
Celebrity Reporter, Jules Lavallee interviews Musician and Actress Shevyn Roberts in LA

Copa: You have an interesting background in acting, singing, and dancing. How did you break into the business and how long have you been in the business?

Shevyn: Thank you. My mom had me signed with an acting agent at six years old and I booked several national commercials as a child. I was in the business for one year as a child until my mom pulled me out and then I went on to become a Six Time National Solo Champion dancer in my teen years. Then in my early adulthood I jumped into the music business and started making records. So, I have been in the business off and on throughout my life.

Copa: What was your first song?

Shevyn: The first song I ever wrote and recorded was called "Wild Child" and I was inspired by my music idol Jerry Lee Lewis.

Copa: What is your genre of music?

Shevyn: My genre is Pop-Rock-Pop-Dance.

Copa: Where do you get your inspiration from?

Shevyn: My inspiration to make my music comes from other artists music that makes me feel happy and free. I think music is one of our biggest blessings in life.

Copa: Do you write your own songs?

Shevyn: Most of my songs I write or co-write with great writers.  

Copa: We noticed your non-profit, the Shevyn Roberts Dance Academy. Can you tell us about it?

Shevyn: I used to own Shevyn's Dance Academy in Texas and I loved providing a safe atmosphere all types of kids to learn different styles of dance. We were able to help some kids that simply could not afford the opportunity to take classes. I grew up in my mom's dance studio and I feel it really brought a lot of happiness and discipline to my life.

Copa: Tell us about your current album.

Shevyn: My current record is making progress and have a great writing team including myself and other powerhouse producers and engineers. I feel like the magic is brewing and it's all in GOD's hands as I commit my life and record to him so hopefully it will be making a very positive impact; Not just making noise just to get attention. I look forward to the meaning and the fun energy it will produce to a grateful audience that will be blessed by the music's presence.

Copa: How important is mentoring to you?

Shevyn: Mentoring is very important to me. I have 7 mentors in my life. I also enjoying being a mentor to my GOD daughter and other people who come across my path. I keep it real. I'm wise because I learned from my mistakes, Not because I was always a perfect example. But encourage others to avoid mistakes.

Copa: What film projects are you working on currently?

Shevyn: Currently I'm taking a break from film until I get this record completed. I have had a few offers to be a part of different projects once I'm done recording.

Copa: What has been your favorite role?

Shevyn: Playing a wife that was really in love with her husband.

Copa: How do you choose your roles?

Shevyn: Well, I won't do horror films and my agents know that. I prefer comedy roles, but they say I'm pretty good at playing the bad girl  because my voice is raspy. But as long as the character resonates with me then I'll give it a shot. My dream is to star on a sitcom.

Copa: What advice would you give to aspiring artists?

Shevyn: Your mission should be to simply enjoy your art first and if you can't say that you truly enjoy your own art then you are doing this business for the wrong reasons. The money won't flow if your heart is not truly in it and even if it does you won't enjoy yourself; so be true to thyself.

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Jules Lavallee
Celebrity Reporter for Copa Style magazine

I am an Actor, writer, producer, and celebrity reporter for Copa Style magazine.

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