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TinaGayle Author Tina Gayle
5mo Southern California, CA, United States Story
Can You Follow a #Recipe? - #TinaTidings #LowCarb

Okay, you enjoy cooking. But do you follow the recipe exactly?

Or do you like to mix it up?

Strangely enough, I struggle with this. I believe I was thrown off course years ago while watching this beautiful lady.

Yes, she did it in her movie Sabrina where she looked into the refrigerator and came up with a meal.

So when I start to make a recipe, I look in the refrigerator to see if I have what I need and usually find that I don't.  Soooo, I do what Sabrina did and replace one item for another.

If you remember, I'm on a low carb diet and in need of a treat.

I found this recipe that was called Low Carb Lemon Cheesecake bars 

Now the recipe called for

1   3oz box of sugar free lemon jello - ( I had this)

1   cup of boiling water  - (again a check mark was in my kitchen)

2   Tablespoons of Lemon Juice ( yes - we are good to go.)

2   8oz packages of low fat cream cheese  (Houston, we have it a problem.)

I didn't have low fat cream cheese and only had 1 package. Now, what's a cook to do and knowing my husband isn't the biggest fan of cream cheese.....well, I did what I always do and changed the recipe.

Okay, so I had one package of full fat cream cheese and wait for it.....sour cream.

So I mixed it up with using the directions and add a cup of sour cream instead of 1 of the packages of cream cheese.

They came out awesome.

So if you don't have 2 packages of cream cheese you might want to try 1 cup of sour cream in this recipe. (Good for those people who aren't fan of cream cheese.)

Thanks for tune into Tina's Tidings,


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Author Tina Gayle

Tina Gayle spent years in the business world. She worked in accounting and as a programmer. In 2000, she decided that she want to fulfill a life-long dream and write a romance. This was the first book of many. She has written over twenty plus titles and has learned a great deal about being a [...]

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