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Calm Your Dog with the Help of Music: Most Popular Songs

Our dogs are our buddies, but their lifestyle is not even close to ours. Our dogs don’t go to work, purchase products, read books, they do regular walks on air, playing with their owners and relaxing at home. However, we can surely say that in our world there is always a space for our fluffy friends and their feelings. You may wonder what else bind us with dogs - eating, sleeping, and walking? No, our dogs are also willing to participate in ordinary human activities, for example, listen to the music with their owners! Nevertheless, does a dog-calming music really exist? Does this music sound regularly or different?

Music influences the dogs differently

Could you imagine your dog taking your phone and searching for its favorite songs? It sounds more like a fantasy, but you can let your dog listen to its favorite music by turning it on the speakers or on the headphones. There are different kinds of music and various songs, which make a certain influence on dogs’ mood. In case your pet got angry or sad, you can turn up the invigorating or the soothing-dog music to make him happy or calm! We have discovered this amazing influence and created a playlist of the music to soothe dogs. It will provide a soul-treating effect on your dog’s mood!

Extinguish the fire

Sometimes our dogs get angry for different reasons. We can’t always understand what’s the cause of this angriness, but if we can, we should solve this problem, or turn the dog-soothing music. It will act as a tranquilizer and let your friend relax. You can make sure, that it would work so here the list of the songs:

1.“Could You Be Loved” by Bob Marley and The Wailers;

2.“Riders On The Storm” by Snoop Dogg and The Doors;

3.“Bohemian Rhapsody” by The Queen;

4.“Someone Like You” by Adele;

5.The 9th Symphony by Ludwig van Beethoven;

6.“Little Girl’s Eyes” by Lenny Kravitz.

As the people said, these tracks have made a great impression on their dogs. When the pet’s behavior looks aggressive, conflictive and angry, the owners have turned the songs up. They just had to wait for a few seconds, and their pets changed in mood! The above-mentioned songs include the set of relaxing and calm sounds. They are harmonically combined together, and everyone, whose ears perceive these sounds feel relaxed!

Music to make your friend “smile”

Stress is a widespread issue people face while spending the whole day at work. Our pets may look calm and neutral when they just lay and ignore everything that happens around and surrounds them. However, they can feel stress too, but unlike us, who can just visit case study writing service and let them cope with our writing issues and forget about stress, a dog doesn’t feel angriness, it feels weak and doesn’t move much. As a devoted and loving owner, you can blow the stress out turning up the positive sounds on the speakers. According to the reviews of the other owners, you can use the next songs:

1.“Firestar” by The Prodigy;

2.“Lean On” by Major Lazer;

3.“Light It Up” by Major Lazer;

4.“Staying Alive” by Bee Gees;

5.“Shut Down” by Skepta;

6.“Let It Snow” by Dean Martin.

And not only these 6 music compositions! The dog’s brain reacts positively to the set of electronic sounds. This acts the same way on dogs as on people. Have you ever watched the people who sit calm but then start to move intact and become more energetic when they hear the melodic music? This acts the same with our dogs. Turning up the pleasant beats, ratchet basses and synthetic blips you make your pet feel happy again! Thus, when we smile we live longer and when our dogs are happy they live longer too!

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1 comment

  • Lauren DiMundo
    Lauren DiMundo Creative production student, certified dog enthusiast and Jedi knight.
    3mo ago

    this is amazing! I'm glad to see how my music taste is somewhat similar to a dog's lol

    this is amazing! I'm glad to see how my music taste is somewhat similar to a dog's lol

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