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Body Wraps to Pamper Your Body

Are spas not really for you but you would still like to have the benefits of pampering yourself with body wraps? Well, why not doing it safely at home? Body wraps are not that difficult to apply and you can choose the ingredients that you believe are the most convenient for your body.

There are many types of body wraps, which can focus in wrapping different parts of your body, which can be from wrapping up only your abdomen, legs or even doing it on your entire body.

Also, there are different ingredients that you can select to actually have wrapped in your body. For example, seaweed, chocolate, mud, among others. It really just depends on the results that you are looking for. But, what is sure is that the body wrap will help you lose the dead skin cells, sweat out your toxins and moisturize your skin. So, if you feel like spas are not the right place for you, maybe you could try to do it at home.

And, do not think that doing it at home means that it will be less effective than I the spa. Actually, it could even work best, as you will select the ingredients that work best for you!

If you opt for having a body wrap session at home, you could benefit your health in the following ways: tightening your skin, reducing cellulite losing some inches or even some weight, hydrating and nourishing your skin, losing excess liquids, and detoxing your body. And because of this, your body will feel better, and hence, you will sleep better. So, having a body wrap session will not only help you feel fantastic, but if you combine it with the right latex mattress for your body to rest properly, you can even end up having the healthiest sleep.

Well, the most important thing when you decide to get a body wrap at home is to actually choose the best ingredients possible, especially good quality body oils and products, in order to avoid skin rashes or secondary skin irritations. So, be informed as to what ingredients work best, and also the amounts. This, in order to avoid damage to your skin or health.

So, if you have gathered the ingredients, lets get your hands on it. You could follow these easy steps to do a body wrap at home without the need of visiting a spa.


You need to exfoliate your skin before using a homemade body wrap for the pores to be open and so they can absorb the body wraps ingredients. Just use a body scrub of your choosing and apply it to the body parts where you might want to tackle any problematic areas of your body.

Wrap your body

For this, use plastic or even elastic bandages to wrap your body, and apply slowly and one step at the time. Do it first on one section and then move on to the next one. It is important that you do not wrap it too tight.

Let the magic work, and let your body sweat

Cover yourself with a towel to feel warm. And, once that everything is on, take your time and relax. You could even use a bathrobe to feel warmer.

Wait for the ingredients to act on your body

Wait for the ingredients to act and give it some time before unwrapping.


After about an hour, start to unwrap your body. Do not forget to take a room temperature shower to remove all the excess oils of your body and the ones you used on your body for the body wrap.

Moisturize your skin

Apply your favorite moisturizer to the body parts where you used the body wraps.

If you would like to read the full article on body wraps, click here.

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