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2y Richmond, VA, United States Story
Body Shaming that you may not be aware you are doing...

Not all body shaming is blatantly obvious. In fact, you may not even be aware that you are doing it sometimes, but it hurts others nonetheless. We should focus on building ourselves as well as each other up rather than pointing out flaws that bring us down. 

If you constantly point out what you hate about yourself, that can contribute to self image problems others have. Let me explain, it takes A LOT to love yourself especially if you're like me and have struggled with depression, self doubt, and any other reason the causes you to hate what you see in the mirror. For the longest time I despised how I looked and went through some drastic measures to change it. Once I finally began making healthy choices and learned to love who I am, I became happy with myself. However, I've learned that you absorb the attitudes that surround you. I have to physically remove myself from people who point out the things they hate about themselves because it makes me see myself in a bad light. If someone says that they have too much stomach fat and that makes them ugly, I look at my stomach and think that about myself. I think, this person is so healthy and beautiful, so if they think that they're fat then obviously I'm fat, so now I need to diet or maybe stop eating and so on and so forth. 

I'm not saying it's your fault that other people may have body image issues, but we can all benefit by not voicing the things we silently aren't too proud of. If you're going on an insane diet, don't push it on others or constantly bring it up while they're eating what they enjoy. If you have a new workout plan, great! Just don't force others to enjoy it when working out isn't their thing. You're not happy with the way you look? First of all, you're beautiful and I know that without even looking at you. Secondly, everyone goes through moments of not liking something about themselves. Maybe it's your arms or your nose or those cute freckles you claim cover too much of your skin. Whatever it may be, don't broadcast it to the world with every free breath you have. It not only can hurt others around you, but you are hurting yourself too. 

No one deserves the pain that comes with body image issues. It can lead to so many other problems, so we need to make sure to limit that as much as possible. It is important in this modern world with all these wild expectations that we remind each other that we look fine just the way we are. I hope this helps people not only limit their unintentional body shaming, but also improve their doubtful thoughts of their own bodies. Have a wonderful day you beautiful people.



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I'm just another girl putting her life on the internet for the world to see.

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