Blingby Announces Partnership With Supermodel, Fashion/Lifestyle Influencer & Entrepreneur, Veronica Webb - Mogul

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Judith Davis
5mo New York, NY, United States Story
Blingby Announces Partnership With Supermodel, Fashion/Lifestyle Influencer & Entrepreneur, Veronica Webb

There is some exciting news for this the startup site Blingby.  Blingby, an innovative entertainment and technology digital platform that allows users to simultaneously watch videos and buy, book or rent what they want, has announced a partnership with a new stakeholder, Veronica Webb.

Webb has been an influential figure in the fashion industry and American pop culture for decades, beginning her career as a model for household names such as Dior, Fendi, Versace, Chanel, Victoria's Secret, Isaac Mizrahi, Dressbarn, Yeezy by Kanye West and many more. 

In addition, Webb became the first African-American woman to be the face of Revlon in the 1990's, breaking barriers with this accomplishment. She has co-hosted numerous fashion insider shows, including Bravo's TV's "Guide To Style" with fashion guru Tim Gunn, and has reported as a lifestyle expert for the Sundance Channel's "On the Line" and "Yahoo! Style with Joe Zee." In addition, Webb has landed multiple acting roles in iconic films of the 1990's, including Malcolm X, Someone Like You…, and Jungle Fever.

Today, Webb has transitioned into the tech space by launching a lifestyle blog entitled WebbOnTheFly.com, on which she will share videos from her personal experiences as a model, fashion expert, beauty lover, traveler, lifestyle influencer, entrepreneur, mother and wife. 

Through her blog, Webb will utilize her vast expertise to provide tips and insights into her true passions in life, and her partnership with Blingby will allow a different interactive experience for her followers. The website will use Blingby's proprietary technology to tag Webb's videos so viewers can easily not only find information but also interact directly with the video by being able to buy the featured products, book exotic destinations or even rent locations. Blingby will also feature a WebbOnTheFly channel on its platform.

"Veronica Webb is the perfect addition to the Blingby team, and we are thrilled to introduce the power of Blingby technology to her many devoted fans," says Blingby's co-founder and CEO, Marcia Favale. "Not only is she a major player in fashion, film and television, but she is also an avid Blingby user who shares our vision of making videos more interactive, personal, and engaging for viewers, which increases the monetization potential for businesses. With our technology, viewers will be able to experience Webb's lifestyle on an entirely new level."

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According to Favale, this is just the beginning for the video platform. "Partnering with WebbOnTheFly.com allows us to show one of the many unique ways to use Blingby technology," Favale continues. "We expect there will be a number of new and exciting opportunities for Blingby in the months and years ahead."

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