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over 2 years Story
Blinded by Reality

Mr. President,

I'm writing in hopes of a new future, one that promises new beginnings for Americans. I am well aware that you may receive thousands of emails, letters, and requests daily. You may never even read this letter, but I'm holding out hope. I will start by telling you a little about myself. I am a nineteen year old young lady living in Idaho. I'm a full time worker at a well known coffee chain. I'm waiting to attend school this coming June. I am also married to a wonderful man that serves in the United States Airforce. Together we rent a small house, are parents of a beautiful young puppy named Emmy, and love the outdoors. The reason I'm telling you so much about my life is in hopes that you see how truly blessed and proud I am to be an American. I proudly voted for you as my president and stand behind you. With all of this in mind I would like to discuss one subject that has been hitting newsstands all over the country; women's equality/rights. As you might have guessed by now I am a female. I consider myself conservative and feel very strongly about equality in this country. So here's a few things I wish to see in the next, hopefully, eight years of your presidency. 

-Abortion is a huge topic of choice among Americans. I for one am 100% pro life, and basing my future career as a psychologist on prenatal development. But when it comes to policy on abortions I wish to see more equality. In the unfortunate tragedy of an abortion, I hope to see laws pass that make it mandatory for the father of the baby sign consent form leading to termination. Because in the name of equality, that baby scientifically is fifty percent the males DNA. So it isn't just the women's choice to terminate.

-  My next hope for equality for women is related to prison sentences: studies show that men receive sentences that are sixty-three percent higher in cases of rape and sexual assault. Since women should be treated equal to men this should change. In the case of rape men and women should be sentenced to the same amount of time. 

-My third hope for equality for women is related to the military. Being a military wife I'm always worried about my husband and the danger he may face. I respect all the armed servicemen and women and the sacrifice that they make every day. Women need to be treated equally in the military, if they are willing to sacrifice for their country then there shouldn't be any difference or discrimination just because of their gender. For example, basic training requirements for males (referring to the Air Force) are much different for females. Such as; 1.5 mile run times for males is 11:57 for females 14:26. Push ups in one minute for males is 33 for female it is 18. For sit ups in a minute for a male is 42 for a female it is 38. This is absolutely unacceptable, females as you might have heard, march for equality so why even in the most respected careers are these numbers so different? 

There's so many more inequalities in the everyday life of women but I understand your a busy man. Hopefully one day, I am able to sit with you and discuss things further.

In conclusion, Mr. President, I'm only asking for you to give American feminists what they truly want; equality. Please show them the reality they are blind to. Show them we are blessed to live in such a free beauty country, and that they have taken their freedom for granted. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts, and thank you for starting the process of making America great again. 


Ellie Stauffer 

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