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Allison Whitfield 95
Allison Whitfield 95 Allison Cherise Whitfield
9d Atlanta, GA Story
Black Car Service VS Lyft and Uber

In the Metropolitan Area of Atlanta, GA

The other day my friend Terry was telling me about the calls he had lined up for the day. It was on a Wednesday. He owns his own Black Car and Limousine service, covering the entire Metro Atlanta area.  I thought he may have had only a couple of calls thinking that Uber and Lyft had taken over the vehicle for hire car business. I hear complaints from taxi drivers all the time about that. But Terry pulls out his cell phone and starts rattling off his fares starting at 5 am in the morning with a fare coming in almost every couple of hours until late at night. He said that when they overlap, he has to call in one of his guys with their own Black Cars to take a few of them off his hands. I was floored.

“How are you getting so much business when Uber and Lyft are so cheap and convenient for people these days?”

“Well,” he says, “Good customer service and great knowledge of the Atlanta area. Uber and Lyft may be cheap and convenient, but they’re not very good with customer service.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Uber and Lyft will hire anyone who has a car, they don't have the experience driving or the knowledge of the streets. If everything goes well, that's good, but when there is a problem, they don't know what to do. I've heard many horror stories of people being put out on the side of the street before they reach their destination or being physically threatened with violence, or the driver has refused to give them their luggage or other belongings.

“Like say, for instance, someone’s going to the airport at 7 AM. They know that there’s no way they can be late, and they’ve seen the traffic coming out of Gwinnett County at that time of the morning enough times to know that the driver has to know how to get around it. He has to be on time at the latest in picking them up. It would even be better if he were early, but neither Uber nor Lyft can do that.”

The Rideshare Difference

“There was this one guy who’s a regular of mine.” Terry continues, “He said he had tried Lyft once. That was all it took to convince him that my service was the only way to go. He missed his flight by one hour because the driver didn’t know how to get around the traffic so he was late picking him up. Then because he used his app for directions, he couldn’t find a better way to get down to the Airport.

“I know all the side streets, and I make sure I’m at least 15 minutes early every time I get a call. Better to be early than to be one minute late. And because I’m booked far in advance, I know I can be there, guaranteed. And if I can’t, I’ll have one of my guys help me out. We do that for each other all the time.”

Most of Terry's customers have been with him for years. He’s been in the transportation business for over 37 years. He drove and dispatched for Buckhead Safety Cab, drove, dispatched and was the operations manager for Checker Cab for over 20 years. Now he’s been established here in the Atlanta Metro area with his own transportation company, Atlanta Metro Limo and Black Car Service, for over 5 years, so he knows the city streets like the back of his hand.

All of his customers are loyal and true and they simply refuse to go with anyone else, knowing his dependability and knowledge. He even described how there were instances where he could get through gates for special events when no one else could because all the venues know him and his vehicle personally. That’s very impressive.

With Uber or Lyft, the service is inconsistent during busy times or high traffic areas. The ride may be very late or even canceled if the driver can’t get there. The driver has to depend upon his app to get around, there’s no base knowledge of the city streets to avoid problems. The costs could increase depending on possible events in the area. The driver, and-or the vehicle itself may be messy and dirty, this is not monitored by the company. You don’t know whom or what you’re getting beforehand. You may have a picture of the drivers face on the app, and that’s it. That’s only part of the issues you can run into going with a ride-share company.

Guaranteed Satisfaction or Possible Adversity; Your Choice

Atlanta Metro Limo and Black Car Service, {Click Here}, located in Dallas, GA, is the one to call when you need guaranteed on-time service. The rides are scheduled in advance so you know the car will be there. The drivers are aware of all the ins and outs of the city, including traffic issues and major events which may cause problems. The rides are safe and comfortable, with clean cars and professional drivers who are polite and well-groomed. All prices are fixed and known in advance upon booking with no fare hike surprises due to special events or timing.

Finally, one of the most important things separating Terry’s Black Car service from Lyft or Uber is the fact that your possessions, which may be left inside the car, will be protected until returned to you. You know exactly who to call if things are missing. There’s no possibility of your important items being stolen by unknown drivers or additional customers riding in Lyfts or Ubers after you. If you forget your item inside the car, know that it will be returned to you if found, as soon as possible, usually at no cost.

Also, consider this, you may have to conduct important private business inside your Black Car or Limo. Security and privacy are a top priority when it comes to Terry’s special service. Confidential business information cannot be trusted to an unknown ride-share service. Another consideration is for the safety of you, your family and friends, your business associates, and your important key business clientele. There are no precautions taken in the hiring of ride-share drivers. They are not vetted, and because of the vulnerability factor of being inside a strange vehicle with an unknown driver, safety should be a top priority in your decision.

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Allison Whitfield 95
Allison Cherise Whitfield

Allison C Whitfield, author of "The Shelter of the Shade Tree", is a Freelance writer who creates articles describing the unconventional for those who wish to explore new ideas and new challenges. She has had 30 + years of experience in Office Administration and Customer Service. She is also a [...]

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