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Best tips to increase your business security online

Anyone who pays a little attention to the vast world that is the internet, or even the media in general, for sure have noticed that the biggest increase in criminality during the last years is regarding cyber-crime. Not only online criminality became popular lately as the tendency is to increase over the next years. Ransomware, personal information theft, and many other related crimes are more common than ever. With higher speed connections, easier platforms which facilitate work routines and all the benefits of this online window, all our sensitive information is at risk making it imperative to have a good online business security. With this in mind, it is suggested to use as many safety measures as we can, the following are the top tips to help you out with business security in the online world.

Keep Software Upgraded

Run your machines with the latest operating systems, web browsers, security software as well as the software you need to work. This is the first line of defense against viruses, malware and other online threats that are harmful to your devices, because of the constant changing of this threats is mandatory to have all of our systems updated, and don’t forget to set up a firewall to restrict outside access to your systems as required.

Train Best Practices

Unless you are a one-man business, all personnel that work in the company and have access to part of the system are not immune to attacks. Therefore, a training of online security basics is mandatory for the success of your business security online. Make detailed guidelines, with the do’s and don’t, for everyone to have access to the information about the company policies and which rules should they follow.

Control Physical Access

Physical access to the machines should be controlled. Create user accounts to prevent access from unwanted people messing around where they shouldn’t. Also don’t forget to limit the authorization of personnel to access information as well to install new software and give administrative privileges to trustful people, this is easily implemented by the IT team or if you don’t have IT team there are plenty of ways for outsourcing this job as necessary. Don’t forget that mobile devices if owned by the company require passwords and should have the data encrypted. Mobiles are a high target on the online criminality and will highly affect your business online security if a mobile device is compromised so you need to take special care.

Regular Backups

Backup all sensible data and information on a regular basis. This is one of the most important tips since the first steps of the internet and indeed any computing. Nowadays there are many effective methods to do this manually or automatically, to the cloud or to an offsite location, if possible is recommended to do both. Don’t be that company that will fail just because of a simple carelessness, start to backup from the beginning and set a regular backup schedule that is followed.

Online Payment

Beware of online payment information. If you work with banks or similar entities you probably already have some trusted and validated tools provided by them. However, we do recommend to use a specific computer to do payments other than the same you use to browse the web.

Be sure to be prepared other than discovering that you lost clients and/or capital that could have been avoided by a simple prevention with good business security online.

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