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Best Skills to Have for a Successful Cloud Career

Cloud Computing has been one of the major forces which are driving businesses in recent years. It has recorded a significant impact on nearly all the aspects of the IT ecosystem like data and analytics, project management and even information security. It has evolved to become the default mode of operations in many companies. These changing realities have led to a shake-up in IT jobs and an obvious change in the work environment. LinkedIn suggested that cloud and distributed computing was reportedly the most-sought-after skillset to get hired in 2016.

Growing Importance of Cloud Computing

It has been observed that a large number of companies are shifting their applications to cloud and thus the increase in demands of professionals who have the right mix of traditional knowledge about networking along with skills in planning, implementing and even managing of cloud solutions and mobility.

 The basic aim of all businesses is to get the maximum results from strategic investments in cloud approaches.

Employers are constantly looking for data scientists, cloud architects, and developers, administrators of cloud systems, cloud systems engineer, cloud product manager, cloud network engineer, specialists in security, etc.

Essential Skills for a Cloud Career

Database Skills: It is a known fact that every day nearly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is created across the world and it is this huge pool of data from which every business wants to draw maximum benefit. Businesses are thus looking for people who have excellent database skills and can help them fetch meaningful insights from the data. Furthermore, people who have relevant skills for managing, storing and accessing the data on cloud platforms hold a promising future. Thus, it is the right time to invest your time and resources to sharpen your database skills like querying language, etc. SQL is considered as a standard language of databases. To develop it further you may consider learning MySQL, MongoDB, Hadoop, etc.

Understanding Cloud Platforms: An IT architect is expected to have a basic understanding of all the available cloud technology especially the multi-cloud approach which has become a favorite of companies in recent times. It is also required to build your expertise in any of the following public cloud giants like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, etc. It is seen that Amazon has become the preferred choice of most businesses. It is also advisable to have a fair idea about other cloud platforms like IBM, Verizon, HP, CenturyLink, etc. as there has been an increase in job openings based on these. A good developer should have knowledge about more than one product of the vendor’s cloud which is of value to the businesses.

 Containerisation has come up as a novel technology in the cloud platforms and a sound knowledge about how to make use of these containers for running various applications will act as a huge advantage in the job market. Another important technology which will make a mark is the Docker adoption and thus professionals who have experience in it will be in demand in times to come.

Security Specialisation: Security and privacy are the primary concerns of all online businesses especially when they are considering the adoption of new technologies. The security of cloud is one of the top-most concerns especially as there are increased incidences of security and profile breaches. Finding a person who has the expertise to address all the cloud security issues and threats from various types of cyber attacks is a highly taxing task for many businesses. 

People who are specialized in security work in tune with the cloud architects for taking various critical decisions about storage of vital business information and data. It involves making use of essential identity management techniques, authentication and much other security monitoring systems for the cloud environment.

Systems Automation: An information overload calls for more automation as manual operations have become impossible. Automation software has thus become important for various cloud-first environments. Thus, developers who have the experience and expertise for automating tasks and processes for improving data efficiency in a company are often preferred by the employers.

DevOps: An experience in DevOps is essential for cloud organizations and also for traditional IT roles like Systems Administrator. Many businesses have shifted their servers to cloud and this is a growing demand for DevOps who can significantly contribute to the planning and maintenance of software development. 


Many studies have suggested that future IT roles will need an intermediate level of business acumen for clear identification and adaptation to changes in the creation of business value and growth. IT professionals should be able to successfully integrate the technology and strategy with the basic company goals. Cloud computing also demands many related skills like management of people and the ability to communicate with the organization and outside clients. As an IT person, you should be able to communicate the value of technology to the business.

 A successful career in cloud computing will also require you to have basic knowledge about the financial aspect of involving various cloud technologies. In addition, the knowledge about databases, programming languages, automation techniques, DevOps, security, and clarity of cloud platforms are essential for moving forward. There are many opportunities lined up in the field. The future lies in the cloud and thus all the IT professionals who are born with an ambitious DNA need to suitably invest in learning the desired skills and be geared for the next generation of jobs.

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