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10mo Chicago, IL, United States Story
Believe In The Girl Inside Of You

It’s one of those days. You know, the one where you’re going about your daily routine then all of a sudden that one person you’ve been working so hard to forget somehow creeps up back up into your head. You were doing so good. So so good. You’re finally back at your regular gym routine, you’re meeting amazing new people, and you’re even trying lots of new things. Why, after all this work you’ve done, why is he still there? You thought you were done with this stage so you become even harder on yourself. You question yourself why you’re being so ungrateful and then that’s when the memories start flooding back. It takes you back to his lips, the ones that kissed you good morning and good night. It takes you back to his hands, the ones that embraced you at night and the ones that fit perfectly in between yours. It takes you back to his voice, the voice that told you stories late at night when you couldn’t sleep, and the same voice that said, “I love you”. Then without warning, it takes you back to the painful good bye that came unexpectedly.

You start thinking to yourself that maybe it was a big misunderstanding. Maybe you should’ve tried to understand him more. Maybe this is all a big nightmare and tomorrow you’ll wake up to the same good morning text messages that you love so much from him. You start thinking to yourself that maybe he misses you too but he’s too afraid to say it. So being the nice girl you are, you pick up your phone in hopes of rekindling something with the same man who once hurt you before.

But then all of a sudden that girl you've been working so hard to become stops you. She reminds you of all the reasons why it didn't work out. She reminds you of the way he didn't hesitate when he let you go and she reminds you how he didn't fight for you. She reminds you that there's no time limit when it comes to forgetting someone but that didn't mean you had to live there forever. She reminds you of all the progress you've made and how much more incredible you've become because of this heartbreak. You took a risk. You put your heart on the line and you did everything you could've done. You did your part. There was nothing more that you could've done.

You see, you should always be the kind of woman that a man needs but never the kind of woman that needs a man. In the end, the love for ourselves should be stronger than any love we have for a man. The sacrifices, the tears, the pain, those are the kind of things we should be willing to put ourselves through for our own good before doing that for someone we love. When we finally start doing that, we begin to see how spectacular our life really becomes.

So feel the emotions and let them pass. I promise you that after a good night sleep you’ll be back to your normal happy self again. I believe in you and most of all, that amazing girl you’ve now become believes in you too.


Chriselle G.

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