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ThalassaBoom Thalassa Boom Resort Wear
1y Curaçao Story

Beach Tennis in Aruba; the hottest sport a girl can play! 

I am Andrea and I work closely with Thalassa on the Thalassa Boom Resort Wear brand. I am in charge of the social media, the artwork, I do modeling activities and many more things! I am practically involved in all aspects of the business together with Thalassa and our 3rd parties. My post today is about Beach Tennis which in my opinion is the hottest sport a girl can play!

Since I was a child I was always doing different activities. My mom always pushed me to try new things and that’s how I started doing ballet when I was 3 years old. I was the baby of the class, the minimum age required was 4, but I was so enthusiastic that they didn’t have the courage to reject me ;-) From there I practiced gymnastics,  swimming,  kickingball, scuba diving and then in during my College years soccer was THE thing for me. I loved it and used to train twice a day! I had the best team in the world. More than friends my teammates became sisters. The games were super fun and I was in the best shape ever… so It was a true passion for me.

Then I started working, ad due to my schedules it became more and more complicated for me to find a team. I then started traveling a lot because my now husband was living in a different country. So basically it was impossible for me to keep up with the commitment of the soccer trainings.

As I grew up I realized that I really need to do some sport that keeps me motivated, makes me feel good, more energized and off course to be healthy. I definitely think exercise is vital to achieve this lifestyle but It’s hard to work out when you don’t have the extra motivation and you aren’t passionate about it… I mean I can go to the gym and take some classes, lift some weights and after all the feeling is amazing but it’s not that I’m jumping of excitement in the morning because I’m going to the gym. The other thing is that I love to interact with people and I found that inside the gym most of the people are isolated and into their own earplugs.

Beach Tennis

In that search for some fun sporty thing to do, my husband found this new sport called Beach Tennis… Yes, I know what you are thinking … Beach what? Well the thing is that we are currently living in a tiny island in the middle of the Caribbean named Curacao and the options are limited, but they do have Beach Tennis!  Beach Tennis basically combines elements of tennis and volleyball but is played on a a court with sand. You use a carbon racquet (that looks like wood) and then the ball can’t touch the ground which makes it a super fast game.

Coming back to my story, my husband at least came from Tennis but that wasn’t my experience. When I began I was barely able to hold my Pink racquet (because that was my first condition to try this “new sport", I needed motivation and I found it in a beautiful Shiny Pink Racquet. Since that day I found the sporty-sparkle that I was missing and I started practicing almost 5 days a week. I did some private lessons to improve and I started playing tournaments, meeting super nice people and getting more competitive!!!

Playing Intermediate Singles in Eagle Beach, Aruba

Aruba Beach Tennis Tournament

That’s how we discovered the Aruba Beach Tennis Tournament. This is the biggest BT tournament in the world and this year they received more than 1200 players from all over the world and they built around 40 courts in the middle of Paradise!

read the full post here :

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Thalassa Boom Resort Wear

Thalassa was born in Holland and raised on Curacao; a Dutch island in the Caribbean Sea. She studied Hotel Management and Yoga in The Netherlands and she worked the greater part of her career in small to medium sized companies in The Netherlands, USA and Curacao. After living abroad for over 16 [...]

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