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Anastasia Nikoloudi
Anastasia Nikoloudi Mogul Influencer
2mo Europe Story
Be your own manager.

Have you ever thought of working as a manager? Well, it is widely considered as a fancy title and is definitely involving lots of practical and rather not appealing tasks. But it is a profitable profession, provides money and reputation, connections and various communications, opens doors and shares opportunities. Of course it has obligations, duties and challenges daily or even hourly your set of ethics and code of principles. Some times you need to be thick skinned, made out of rubber and properly ready to defend your self. As a professional you can thrive and through this you can bloom into being a great human being, a mentor, an aspirer and many other wonderful things. Money will bring you social wealth and your efforts at work will be acknowledged, people will want to work with you and trust you with their portfolios or companies and you will be a person in charge, dynamic, presenting potentials and nothing less than great achievements. Your experience will attract people from all backgrounds and you will be basically leader of a pack. You won’t be afraid of the wolves and you will be able to decide which path to walk while leaving bold and firm footprints behind. Your network and your contacts will be counting on you and use your name more than anything else in the hope of getting your managerial wisdom working on their own benefit. Your friends and family will be proud of your status and your capacity to achieve so much and to make life a piece of sweet chocolate cake that everybody wants to taste. You ll be so many things if you become a manager. Maybe you are already one, eh?

Think now what it would be if you had to become the manager of your own life. Of your self. If you dared to take your life into your own hands and brilliantly make it a life worth living, one worth envied and very much inspiring. You like the thought of such a rich and exciting life? Do you wish of being able to have one? Then why don’t you just do exactly that! 

Managing is not a title, is a skill, a quality we all have and if we don’t we should cultivate the most. Manage your life in such a way that your  career and your personal life will meet and coexist with balance and mutual support. Manage your career so as to provide you with self respect, improvement of yours as an individual human being and at the same time as a valuable member of your family, your society, our little pretty planet. Set fire to your fears and grow as a professional, move on when things don’t work your way and dare to take the next step when your efforts are not appreciated or worth paid. Sparkle in your way to success wherever you work. Titles or job descriptions are not as important as getting something out of your daily job routine, and by something I mean respect, knowledge, acknowledgement and peace of mind. Manage your personal life as well, keep your relations with partners or family healthy and try to make communication your most important duty. Be active when you are at home, be involved, be there. Enjoy every moment of your time and make every single one to count. The same way you treat yourself, with that exact way treat the people you love. And vice versa. Try to grow through that as a kind human being, somebody to be worth loving and much admired. Make plans and dreams and deal with arguments. Dare to be spontaneous, to change the routine, to spice up your life. Be happy with what you get and work for more if necessary. Manage your life as something that will give you profit because it will, love is the biggest profit you ll get along with happiness and bliss. 

Then, don’t forget to manage your self. Be firm and ambitious, manage your own self and resolve your anxieties, your lack of confidence,  your insecurities and whatever holds you back. Manage your friends and the people around you as you cultivate healthy and strong relations and when you see toxicity just do something. You are not here to be a personal assistant, to facilitate people in their way through and gain nothing out of that. You are here to make your own dreams come true and to accomplish your one goals. Don’t be selfish, be a carer, be a giver, have an open heart and a forgiving mind. But first allow to yourself to be your own manager. Cause if you don’t, who will be more suitable to do? 

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Anastasia Nikoloudi
Mogul Influencer

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