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27MillionVoicesToday Millennial Woman Of Many Hats
3mo East Coast United States Story
Basta Dizer. Older Stop Hating On Young People

I'm talk to those that hate on the either under 35 set or even under mid age set. 

When your idols (or the metaphorical equivalent if you don't think along those lines) become your rivals... hence are threatened by you. Many don't like the whole aging thing, therefore they feel threatened by young people that can take the metaphoric throne that doesn't actually exist. Even if you do end up sitting on it for awhile there will come a time you have to pass it on to someone else, that's just how it is. You can't live forever. The whole ideology is estupido because let's looks at it this way that would be like meu having it in for, disliking, or competing with a kid or teen for whatever... like who does that!? Can't you find people your own age to f around with and waste their time? Jesus Cristo, it's like you lived your life, did your thing whatever it was, you do you, let younger do us without the animosity really. I've literally had jokers go at meu that where in their 20's/30's or teens when I was born not to mention we're not even in the same bracket in any spectrum... like WTH? You don't see me going at kids or someone even in the Gen Z bracket because it's stupid and is ridiculous as hell. By the time you get to a certain age and or lived life to any capacity that shouldn't even be in your realm of thinking, just let people do their thing and leave them the hell alone in life instead of trying to f them up all the time. There's a time you just look and are estupido doing so. Here's a great idea how about instead hating on young people how about getting your ishh together in life, quit vying for attention or whatever ishhing on a young person, become a sound healthy mentor or just getting the hell out of the way if you aren't capable of being non toxic and dysfunctional.  It's a real simple concept, you had your shot at life let someone else have their time to shine that has promise/younger and quitting hating because you may have blown your youth on chosen stupidity. It's time to grow up and not be a mill stone around others neck on purpose, toxic, always dragging young people down because we deserve a shot at life too. Stop crapping all over us Millennial (or Generation Z'ers) and start appreciating us really. I've had more problems with jokers old enough to be a parent or in some cases when I was younger a grandparent. Grow up really. I know personally I wouldn't want to be a teen the rest of my life or even early to mid 20's... it wasn't always that fun or great for meu for a number of reasons. Nah I'd rather continue to grow and mature in life instead of never gaining any wisdom, know how in life and essentially can't function.  


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Millennial Woman Of Many Hats

Aloha💖 Born of the wild, Spiritual (believer), Millennial, Survivor Leader for Gender Based Violence, Violence Against the Marginalized, Violence Against Women, Sexual Violence, Stalking, and Human Trafficking. A thriver. Journalism, Collaborator, Research, Adviser, Consultant. Multi Lingual. [...]

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