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27MillionVoicesToday Multi Tasker
4mo Washington, DC, United States Story
Basta Dizer, Next Time

I swear to God next time some random whatever wants to mess with meu online..or even in person I'm gonna send this link and raz the hell out of them rightfully so because the best thing to do when someone is screwing with you for no rational reason like moronic middle schoolers playing a deviant prank is to give it right back laughing at their idiocy. As a latest issue which came by way of an entitled SOB and some crusty embarrassing middle aged skank that not only likens themselves like any cracked individual I've dealt with to a superhero villain but also a "Crazy b%^h" in their words said "It's all fun and games" when life isn't at all hence why they don't have anything.  The more they think they upset you the more they'll do. The more you realize and show they're just dumb, don't have any weight in your life or world the more their seeking for attention/power/control over you or your life is taken away. They can't even control themselves, get it together in life, or existences let alone anyone else. Let alone try to dictate anything.  So to all the online freakos and game players first of all get a real life/some mental help, second this is for your cracked needs a straight jacket literally @$$'es to put it bluntly. lol 

And this for sure next time I get asked for sexual favors with "So you got a ring to go with that request? Otherwise hell nah you ain't getting none of this good stuff." LoL 


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Multi Tasker

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