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over 1 year Story
Attention for dog owners: What to do if the dog was poisoned

Little troubles happen once in life with all the dogs: sometimes the dog damages his paw on the walk, sometimes faces with the angry cat. A little peroxide and all in the past. But what if the dog was poisoned? How to reduce the severity of culinary experiments? Unlike the selection of cats, dogs often taste the outright moldy stuff. The favorite has the perfectly smell, but it does not seem repugnant to him, and vice versa – attracts. Most of the poisonings happen in the summer when the thrown by people food waste are everywhere – near shops, near garbage dumps, and right at the entrance to the cafes.

In addition, the favorite can get to the trash can in which something had time to deteriorate in a few hours.

If the dog is poisoned by food, signs of distress include: lethargy, weakness, thirst, retching (the dog tries to clean the stomach, stands in a characteristic pose – bowed his head and front legs apart), a painful stomach, diarrhea, tremor (the dog is shaking with the small shiver), mucous membranes are pale.

Typically, the vomit is malodorous and homogeneous, does not contain blood. To help pet at once before visiting the veterinary emergency clinic, you need to induce vomiting – make your dog to drink salt water or to put a pinch of salt on the tongue root. If your dog has vomited with the blood, give him a pill coal or tablespoon of enterosgel (for pets weighing more than 40 kg – 3 tablets or 2 tablespoons of gel) and immediately go to the nearest veterinary emergency clinic. Coal is better to crush and mix with a small amount of warm water. In mild cases (when your dog devoured a piece of rotten sausage) this will be enough. In severe cases it is required the rinsing and symptomatic therapy under the supervision of a veterinarian.

Consult a veterinarian you should in any case and as soon as possible. Only a veterinarian at the veterinary emergency clinic is able to determine how seriously is poisoned your dog and then how to treat the effects of intoxication. Regardless of severity of symptoms, it may result in liver problems, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and nervous system.

In the major cities are frequently the poisonings with the isoniazid – such “gift” from the dog hunters. Symptoms: severe weakness, vomiting foam / froth around the mouth, seizures and difficulty breathing, lack of reactions or different hoarse howls. Without the help of veterinary emergency clinic a dog will die in a few hours. It is urgent to introduce intravenous pyridoxine and spend the symptomatic therapy, so that you must go to the veterinary emergency clinic as soon as possible.

Dogs have a very keen sense of smell, and chemical odors are not attracted them. However, owners should remember with what a dog can be poisoned by negligence: medicines, household chemicals, alkalis, acids.

I am operates as a content developer for a number of Internet content networks (comprising companie research paper help service), who writes about different veterinary emergency clinic topics and other. A restless explorer of online community and an opinion maker in anything of significance to the veterinary emergency clinic.

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