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Tianna Leigh
Tianna Leigh Spreader of positivity
1y Phoenix, AZ, United States Story
Are you your own best friend?

Once upon a time I couldn’t fathom the idea of doing anything alone. I felt the need to have someone by my side; whether I was shopping, getting a manicure, or even sleeping. I felt the need to pack my schedule with dinners, visiting friend’s houses, running errands with friends; I mean anything I could do to fill my time. I simply did not want to be alone until I had to be. There were times I would get anxious towards the end of the work day; especially on a Friday if I had nowhere to go but home; where I’d be alone. There were even times I’d spend time with people I didn’t even particularly enjoy their company or conversation, but it was better than being alone. In hindsight, I can see that I was coming from a very broken and unsure place.


It’s amazing to reflect back on now.  My life and mindset are so different now. I absolutely L-O-V-E spending time alone. In fact; might I say; I actually prefer it. I think it’s such a huge growth point in my life and I think it’s so important to learn to be comfortable alone. Once you are comfortable on your own two feet; the world is your oyster! It’s seriously liberating. You can do ANTYHING you want because the only one holding you back is you. It’s amazing when you get to a place where you simply don’t have to simply “tolerate” people for fear of the loneliness creeping in.


I encourage you to get comfortable with spending time by yourself. Whether you are at home or out in the world. You should be your own best friend. You should know yourself better than anyone else. You should know how to follow your own heart; therefore, your own path. Getting still with yourself and your thoughts is a huge proponent to life’s success; in my opinion.


Love and light,


Tianna Leigh

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1 comment

  • Lily98
    1y ago

    lol i'd have to say yes i am!

    lol i'd have to say yes i am!

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Tianna Leigh
Spreader of positivity

I love connecting on a deeper level and having authentic conversation makes me light up. I envision a big future in contribution to others through writing my memoir and Tianna Leigh blog, speaking and by sharing my inspirational quotes. I look forward to inspiring the world one step a time...

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