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Dear Sybersue
Dear Sybersue Dating/Relationship Coach, Advice Talk Show Host, Author & Advice Columnist
5mo Vancouver, BC, Canada Story
Are You Too Shy to Date? Learn How to Change This!

Is shyness sabotaging your dating life? Does it keep you from going out and being sociable? There are ways to overcome this!

Self-esteem affects many men and women regardless of their age or physical appearance. It is all about how confident you are! I have coached people of all ages who are lonely but won’t date because their self-esteem is stuck. They want to be in a relationship but don’t know how to make it happen.

We all have something to offer and we all deserve to be loved. The biggest fear for many people is not believing they deserve it!

Of course, you do!

Shyness can come from insecurities as we get older. We have a lot more internal demons to deal with as the years go by; especially if we have had to get over a very difficult breakup or divorce. Emotional heartbreak can take a toll on our self-worth for a long time!

Shyness can also be a part of your foundation, stemming from something you learned early on in life which has stayed programmed within your personality. You don’t know how to break out of this introverted place and so you retreat even further into yourself as the years go by.

It’s time to break the pattern and get out of this lonesome place!

We all have nagging thoughts that we hold on to but that doesn’t mean we have to live with those embedded cobwebs. The options we have today are endless but the biggest part of the battle is “making the effort” to fix what isn’t working for us.

You have to want to fix things! It is a lot of work to delve into the core of who you are and you may not want to re-live how you got here in the first place!

Life is all about continual lessons and the sooner you learn how to move on from them and understand why you had to go through certain things, the sooner your world becomes an easier and happier place to live in.

When you really think about it, wouldn’t it be easier to take some time to acknowledge these issues rather than to hold onto them for eternity? Burying your fears will not enhance your life, but doing something about them, will!

Do you think that being shy is a safe place to put yourself because you can use that as an excuse as to why you can’t do certain things? Isn’t that boring, doing the same repetitive things all the time because you’re afraid to put yourself out there?

You don’t have to be a crazy extrovert but being “a fun person” is a good thing and makes people gravitate towards you. Shyness can create a very lonesome existence. Wouldn’t it be great if you could open up your world a little bit more?

Sometimes you just can’t do things alone and you might need some help. It can be a good thing to hire a counselor or dating coach for a few sessions to help you change up your mindset.

I ventured into coaching due to all the people who contacted my blog asking for assistance to help them get back out into the dating market again! They just didn’t know how to go about it.

Here are some things that I offer clients within my own coaching business:

  • Understanding the new dating etiquette in the Millennium (things have really changed out there!)
  • Remove stale patterns/behaviors and old belief systems.
  • Help you to understand the part you play in your life choices.
  • Help you to improve your self-esteem. (I help you to believe in yourself and that you deserve great things!)
  • Makeover assistance/suggestions if requested.
  • Discuss past dating/relationship scenarios and repetitive patterns that aren’t working for you. What you can do differently.
  • Assistance with online dating and creating an amazing personal profile that makes you stand out.
  • Gentle attitude adjustments. We don’t always know how people perceive us due to our body language or facial expressions. First impressions can make or break a second date!
  • Teach you how to flirt and mingle with others!
  • Homework assignments to keep you focused between sessions.
  • A “singles night” practice session with me by your side.
  • Follow Up and Review (How it’s working for you and do we need to alter a few things?)
  • Help you to refresh your long-term relationship! Learn how to have romantic date nights with your long-term partner!
  • Give you tools to help you move on after a divorce and improve your single parenting skills.
  • I offer great dating tips for single parents.

As a mature woman, I not only have life experience due to many of my own trials and tribulations, I have the educated tools to help both men and women get off the couch away from Netflix and find a potential partnership!

They aren’t going to knock on your front door so getting out and socializing is half the battle.

A dating/relationship coach can help you gain the confidence you need to feel comfortable talking and networking with anyone you come in contact with. When you are happy and self-confident, people will naturally be attracted to your presence. They will want to be around you!

They can also help guide couples who need advice on how to rekindle a stale relationship!

Learning how to deal with a long-term breakup or divorce can be a devastating time and leave people feeling very alone and sad. It's time to learn how to believe in yourself and remove any negativity that may be affecting your everyday life.

It is never too late to get back out into the love arena again! Please watch the video above!

Sybersue <3

Susan McCord @ Please Subscribe to my Youtube Channel 

Please Like my Page and Follow Me @ Dear Sybersue Facebook


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Dear Sybersue
Dating/Relationship Coach, Advice Talk Show Host, Author & Advice Columnist

Susan McCord known as "Dear Sybersue" around the Web, helps millennials and gen-exers find love and inspiration. As a mature woman, she has "been there done that" and has so many T-shirts she can open a store! Susan believes that we are all special and deserving of happiness. People get lost along [...]

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