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Melissa Llarena Diaz
Melissa Llarena Diaz CEO of Career Outcomes Matter and Career Coach
over 2 years New Canaan, CT, United States Story
Are you a mom who wants to reenter corporate or grow in her career?

Go from accepting “what you can get” to securing “what you really want” out of your career.


Apply to the Mothers-In-Chief Mastermind Group by May 28th at 10pm EST for your chance to learn about this unique virtual group coaching experience for up to 8 ambitious moms.

Here’s what you must know before applying to this virtual mastermind for moms in corporations:

The mastermind is a virtual group career coaching experience for mothers (up to 8 participants) who work or wish to work in corporations — it will start on June 11th through July 16th and there will be no July 2nd session — we will vote on the time of day for these sessions

There will be 5 (1-hour) weekly virtual sessions that will be recorded to watch on your schedule so you don’t have to attend every single session to get a lot out of this sacred time on your career

These 5 recorded sessions will include strategies and direct feedback on how you can target employers or business units that work for you, how to brand yourself, how to know your worth, how to negotiate your salary/schedule, how to interview effectively, how to refine your resume, how to network as a busy mom and MORE

You will learn from working mothers who are in the same boat as yourself yet with kids at different stages

You will uncover how to network as a parent who has no time to hang out after work

You will have the chance to partner with me during a one-on-one 60-minute session during which time we will plan your game plan to reenter the workforce, secure a better role, or escape into entrepreneurship

You will get tailored feedback on your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile

You will learn how to sell your accomplishments, worth, greatest successes with confidence

You will be paired with an accountability partner who is a peer working mom

You will have access to a private Facebook group where you’ll gain the same strategies, tools, insights that have helped professionals whom I’ve coached one-on-one land top roles

I, Melissa Llarena, will be your guide throughout this time.

I am a working mother with three sons (a six year old and a set of identical three year olds)

I’ve personally transitioned across 16-business units across industries throughout corporate

I’ve coached hundreds of working mothers (ex.: CFOs, GMs, school administrators, HR professionals, engineers) on how to sell themselves towards a job and on the job as well as guided millions of professionals with my content in Forbes, Huffington Post, WSJ and Fast Company

It makes me feel happy and fulfilled when I help match people whom I know can make each other better ESPECIALLY if they are working mothers who want to retain an outstanding life for themselves and their families.

Timing and details you should know

If you apply by May 28th then you can snag my early bird pricing special at $999, after that the price goes up to $1299 and if you never join this mastermind then the same coaching with me one-on-one will require a $2995 investment — you are a mom, you know you want a deal

Also, if you apply then you will secure that mini career coaching session, after May 28th the same session will require a $97 investment — you are a mom, getting something of value in exchange for a “no commitment” application sounds worth it

So now I imagine that you are thinking:

“I don’t have time,” “I don’t have money,” “I don’t matter yet,” “I’m unclear on my goals,” my resume has cobwebs or I don’t even know where it is, I rather rethink about this when my maternity time is over or after Memorial Day or, or, or, or, or, or, or…

Turn off that noise!

You and I should discuss your professional ambitions.

You and I should go over your career wins before you became a mom and as a mom.

You and I should review your options.

You and I should discuss how to have that hard conversation with your boss about deserving a raise.

You and I should practice how you intend to explain your resume gap when you took off to be with your family or parent

We can discuss any of these points once you apply for the mastermind by May 28th at 10pm EST — this is my free gift to you over the phone or online in exchange for taking the time to refocus on what you want out of your career.

You get a mini career coaching session just for applying. How does that sound?

Once you apply, we will tackle your burning career concern, and then you can decide whether you want to join up to 8 other working moms during this 5-week virtual group coaching experience.

So, when will be your perfect time?

Today — now is the perfect time to start refocusing on what you want out of your career by applying to this mastermind.

Don’t doubt yourself — nor your intentions. It might not be ALL about you anymore.

However, making a decision to lead an outstanding career is not selfish.

You are setting a powerful example for your family.

You are showing them that you have to deliberately take the actions necessary to go after what you want.

Take massive action ---> APPLY and then decide whether this group is right for you.

To your own success and joy,


Career Coach | Forbes Author | Job Search Expert

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Melissa Llarena Diaz
CEO of Career Outcomes Matter and Career Coach

Melissa Llarena is the CEO and career coach behind Career Outcomes Matter. Her craft is coaching top executives on how to dissect and deliver the perfect job interview. The Financial Times, Fox Business News, American Express Open Forum, The Huffington Post, Money Magazine, US News & World Report, [...]

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