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Samsung NEXT
Samsung NEXT Empowering innovators to go further, faster.
8mo Mountain View, CA, United States Story
Are We There Yet? Part I

In the venture business, timing is critical. As we think about the next generation of consumer technology platforms, one of the biggest questions we ask is, “when in a platform’s lifecycle should we start making early stage investments in applications?”

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1 comment

  • Gabriela Motroc
    Gabriela Motroc Mogul Influencer | Editor @JAXenterCOM & JAX Magazine | IYF Chair of Press Commission
    8mo ago

    Well — are we?

    Well — are we?

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Report this post
Samsung NEXT
Empowering innovators to go further, faster.

We partner with innovators to build ideas into products, grow products into businesses, and scale businesses that leverage and transform the Samsung ecosystem.

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